Monday, May 9, 2011

The Waiting Game

Children's Week has come and gone already. Before it was over, there was a fix for people who couldn't complete the quest line (I guess it bugged for some), in the process the quest was reset and some characters could do the quests a second time (in one year), gaining extra pets. My hunter was able to do this so I was able to gain two extra pets with her, making up for lost time (!) as I have missed Children's Week for a couple of years with her.

I'm still enjoying WoW a lot. I have been working on finishing up Hyjal (skipped this going from 80-85 but the quests would have reset with a faction change anyhow, if you've done a faction change recently you should check it out), so I can be ready for the 4.2 daily quest hubs. You have to of played through the Hyjal quest line and finished it to move on to the new content.

The priest is going very slow, she is almost 66 now. I finally snagged her the heirloom cloak and an epic tabard for more of a guild reputation bonus. I suppose BC and WoTLK always make me grow rather bored on my alts so it takes a bit of time going through it. I'll get her to 85 eventually, for now the hunter takes up most of the play time. I try to get a random dungeon in here and there to liven things up too.

Showing Pid around the Alliance.
Our guild is going well, we're closer to level 20 now. We have a lot of active people and I rather like it a lot. This weekend we gained a new member, whom I was very glad to see. Pid popped on and sent me a hello, over the weekend. It was very nice to see him on and I thought he might enjoy having some people to be guided with. It is always so nice to see friends return. It was great to catch up with him!

Other than that, I've been messing about with RIFT. I'm playing the Mage and Rogue, which are both about two levels apart. The Spoils of War prelude event has been sort of... meh for me lately. I always enjoy events but I sort of wish there was a bit more to it. I've not gotten anything interesting for my participation and it will be gone tomorrow, or is it today?

I find myself struggling to get through the same zone, playing two characters isn't helping, I've tried to just work on the rogue mostly, over the past few days, but it is still slow going. I am excited about the update though! I will be very interested in trying out the looking for group tool and the appearance items! So, more on Rift in the upcoming days, I sure hope the patch goes live tomorrow!

SOE games are still down, blah! I have been wanting to pop back into Free Realms, I was just getting to the point of logging in pretty often and enjoying it quite a bit. Plus, I wanted to try more PoTBS! I wish SOE a fast recovery from the hacking of recent. I know many others are still waiting on different games.

And, one of the biggest reasons I've been slack with posting this weekend, it's in these pictures. A little sliver of a kitten wandered up to me this weekend. I was sitting on my patio and I look down at what I thought was a shadow only to see what was a little black kitten. We're still trying to find a name for him. He was dehydrated and starving but he is recovering nicely and Tut now has a new best friend. It is really cute to watch them play, Tut is the biggest baby (kitten at heart) in the house still! Take a look at his picture, any thoughts on names? I was thinking Salem, it might stick, still not sure!

So, that is it for me. Waiting around on some really cool patches in WoW and Rift, then waiting on SOE to bring their games up (17 days on the PSN, hope it doesn't go on for that long). Ah, one of these days the wait will be over. Have a great week peeps!


  1. zomg! Knew a cat exactly like this one called Ombre (shadow in french).

    I see your plans to open a zoo are going along nicely :P

  2. Aw, that is a cute name. Makes me think of Hombre though, which means man in Spanish, LOL.

    Yeah seriously, two rats and three cats atm- Feels like a petting zoo! Trying to get my mother to take one of the cats back (Boo) because I can't have three. I hear them meowing in whispers, I think they are planning a take-over...

    As I type this, the little one is smacking the monitor as the words pop on the screen lmao.

  3. Hows about "Black War Tiger"? Ebon Frostsaber? Inverse Albino Kitty? :P

    I hope the Misses finished the quest chain for the pets. She's been wanting to get the skunk on at least her main hordie, and this was a freebie. I'll inform her the event is over when she gets back home, and plug my ears just in case I accidentally give her bad news hee hee

  4. Hehe, Ebon is cute!

    Hope she gets the skunk soon! I recently got it on my hunter. It is too cute. I've been slack with pets on the hunter, I tend to spend way too much time camping rare hunter pets lol.

  5. Wow, cats and rats. What an odd combination. LOL.

    Hey I am goofing off with a Death Knight and he will be in the 60's soon I would imagine, so lemme know if you want some help on your priest soon.

  6. We first had rats... then came the cats, lol. They get along pretty well though. I suppose the cats being raised with them from a young age helps.

    Sounds good with the DK, my priest hit 66 today and she isn't going anywhere anytime soon lol. Maybe we can do some random dungeons soon!

  7. Sounds like a plan. I'll make a point to get the DK to 66ish. Take care.




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