Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Lost- In A Good Way (Rift)

Slowly I am working my way up with levels in RIFT. Currently I put the rogue aside and picked back up on the mage. With more points available for the necro/lock spec, well, it has been much more fun leveling than it has been in the past. I still don't really like the zone I am in but I am trying to push through it.

Last night I was going to play some WoW while I waited on some laundry to finish up and I ended up popping into Rift instead. There was another invasion in the outpost I have been questing around. It was huge, but this time there were tons of people around fighting and there was a huge invasion.

I joined in and lost all track of time. For the next hour it was a lot of fun, running around with a pack of people killing invasion mobs, clearing out rifts and getting some loot along the way. I think the shards required for gear need to drop more often but that is just me, I am always short a few! I really had a blast and was sort of in a daze when it was over. I suppose it didn't help I had taken some Tylenol PM before I poked in, not expecting to play long, lol.

I have to say, with Rift, I always seem to get lost in the invasions. Lost, as in just lost in the fun of it all. I can't say this really happens too often with many MMO games.  It isn't all the time, but when it happens it's great. I really enjoy it, that is why I keep pushing it with Rift, I love the world events that take place, they make things lively and entertaining. Anyone can join in, it's great.

The mage is 23 now, I hope to get her a few more levels soon, I want to check out of this zone and head elsewhere. Hopefully sooner than later!

Short post for today. Been working since early this morning and now I need some grub!


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