Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch Day (WoW)

So, today is patch day in Azeroth. There are lots of class tweaks. I am looking forward to hunter pets leveling up when tamed, I do hope the same happens when pulled out of the stable. Many of mine are three levels below me still. Pet loyalty and happiness being removed... about damn time. I never understood having to carry around tons of food (and back then tons of arrows), and on top of it all the pets were not like other classes and could be levels below you. Glad the developers are taking away these annoying little things. I remember my son having his Tallstrider pet run away... It was sad for him but also hilarious as his name was Legs. Legs has ran away.... He was only about eight or nine then, poor little fellow.

Call to Arms goes live. Having more time to think it over I wonder where this game is going, some days. Bribes to play a certain role? I thought being in demand was reward enough. You didn't have to bribe people in Wrath. Do I sound jaded to you?

Anyhow, new (OLD) heroics Which my measly gear score is too pitiful to enter with. Woo hoo! I suppose for some reason I just can't get into the feel for doing heroics this expansion. So these new dungeons really don't hold much enticement for me. I mostly find myself adventuring or just questing and gathering achievements. I guess someone out there is jumping for joy over these instances being used as heroics.

On a nice note hunters get a 250% bonus to multishot. I just miss volley, it was so much easier for farming. Sigh. Shadow priests get a damage increase on their AoE- doubled. Nice additions.

I will admit, this morning, I am a bit crabby because I still am not able to finish my Noble Garden achievement. I cannot find an Orc or Troll female above eighteen when my flowers are not on cool down. Sure, ten of them will waltz by when it is unusable, okay maybe just one. Having to sit outside (for long periods of time) of Org is not something I enjoy. I switched factions to get away from it! Since Dalaran isn't a hub, the cool down on the items used on the achievement should have been lessened. I wonder if I can stomach this enough to finish it.

I tamed Olm The Wise, yesterday. I was excited to tame him, pictured at the top of the post. Speaking of cool pets, this patch there are some pets transformed. The one that is the most noteworthy is the new snazzy blue and white cat- Ice Saber. A lot of hunters will want that one! Thanks to Mania for posing up the pics on Petopia!

If you haven't read the patch notes check them out, I just went to MMO-Champion and looked them over. If you're playing, I hope your patch day isn't full of waiting, I can see this one dragging out!



  1. Olm looks very majestic, congrats to him! With him and a new cat I really must remember to level my baby hunter up...

    I'm not sure what to think about the removal of pet happiness and loyalty. On the one hand it makes for a much more streamlined experience, on the other hand... I kinda liked keeping my pets happy. Fond memories of tamagotchi times...wait, did I just say that? xD

  2. Thank you! He was one of the easier pets to tame. So many pets so little room (all 25 slots full lol).

    It will take me a bit to get use to the loyalty and happiness but all in all it will just be easier. I haven't fed any pets since the mend pet glyph was introduced where it raised happiness. I know I'll be still doing that for awhile out of habit!

  3. Aye! I used to never feed pets and regularly planned on them running off when they had annoying diets back in classic. Ah, turtles! Now that was easily sustainable. I had toooons of that moss and stuff from doing Wailing Caverns, and heck, might as well tame that elite turtle from there! Upgraded to Gammora later ^_^

    Currently, and I should find a way to post a pic of it tomorrow or so, I got that one undead eagle on my undead hunter. Actually I zerged to 44 yesterday just so I could get carrion feeding, so me and the pet could have our first meal :D (Yes, he can still eat one with me now, but he gained happiness doing it that time. Don't you see? He *likes* eating people! *I* like eating people! Ah, pets bring out the best of their masters -_^)

    I think calling the CTA a bribe is starting the idea out on the wrong foot. Bribes are bad, and thus you are either defending or agreeing with something bad from the get go. Semantics, yes, but words do hold power of their own.

    How I see it, is when I don't feel like holding a mess of a pug together and play support, I'll appreciate faster queues as DPS.

    The items they are granting are far from earth-shattering, and if I wanted them I'd just clear the place out solo anyway. In fact, I'd like to see this get put on normal instances all the way down to level 15. Shorter queue times for all!

  4. Oh that undead bird is so perfect for an undead hunter! I tamed one on my hunter because they look so cool. The cannibalize is pretty funny with both the master and the pet using it, LOL.

    I am curious to see how CTA pans out. As everyone says maybe queues will be shorter... at least for a time.




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