Monday, April 25, 2011


Encrazed Crafts has a neat giveaway going on. It's sort of a chain. You get something free but in return you give something to five other people! I wanted to participate, so my gift you you, dear readers, a graphic. I love doing nice things for people and thought this was a lovely thing to do! The first five people to post get a free graphic. You can choose if you want a banner, icon, button or perhaps a character sig portrait  maybe for a forum or something (from screenshots) or something similar. If you are the first five please also email me (kaozz @ ectmmo dot com) with what you would like and some dimensions, and if you have a screen shot or a graphic you want incorporated please include it!

The catch being you must post by the end of the week so I don't forget about you. Then you must do something for five other people. Crafts or whatever you feel you'd like to do. The other people doing the contest have given it a year that they must finish the crafts and mail them out but since mine will be electronic I am thinking a month tops on sending mine out. I should be able to whip out five graphics by then.

So, post a comment if you want to participate, please make sure you do so by April 29th!


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