Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Returning To Telara

Last night I poked into WoW for a few and all of my pets were 85, yay! That was a nice change. I managed to grab a guild tabard which now gives 50% bonus rep to all reputation gains. My guild was working on guild achievements and the new heroics. I'm currently still behind and not able to enter any of these, no big loss though, I've been in them before they were converted into heroics. I didn't stay on all that long, enough to do a few dailies and chit-chat with the guild some.

Since it was patch day yesterday I decided to play some RIFT. The new additions of the (same server) LFG finder and appearance slots really are enticing. Plus my account showed I had rewards for River of Souls- Woot! I obtained a couple of neat pets and a few other things for my characters which was pretty nice. 

I started out with the mage, trying out different specs again, seeing if there was something I liked better than chloro/ele for leveling. I didn't really find anything as solid, then I started getting a bit exasperated as nothing was what I was looking for. Then I realized maybe the reason I grew bored last time around was maybe I wasn't enjoying the archetype.

I decided to check out the cleric again and managed to mess around with an inquis/cab/purifier. It was nice but it just wasn't doing it for me. So, I decided to play around with the one that initially grabbed me in beta, the rogue. It just feels so flexible and is lots of fun. I really fell in love with the class in beta but wanted to give other things a try when the game went live.

I did want to heal in instances so I will decide which one I would rather go with when the rogue catches up with the mage. Being able to be a support role might be interesting though. I like the idea of being able to help out too, along with dps, so that is a plus in the rogue's direction. 

Since I've been gone for about a month things are fresh again and I am quite enjoying the game once again, as well as the class. I am hoping this game is more enjoyable and less elitist all around but we'll see how things go. I just want to have fun and Rift seems to offer a lot of things, plenty of fresh content (yes, yes, yes!), alternative things to do like Rifts, events, PvP and dungeon running.

I really enjoy doing rifts and invasions. I did quite a few last night before my eyes became heavy. As the evening grew later I was soloing many of them so I figured I'd call it a night. I have noticed that the low levels are less populated but I'm not on a high pop server. I chose a lower population server because I hate queues, I dealt with one too many in WoW, years ago.All in all it has been a nice return and hopefully I can catch up before long and explore things I have yet to see! I am looking forward to it!


  1. Glad to enjoyed the return, it's really nice to read some upbeat thoughts on Rift :D

    Have you tried the warrior class? That's the one I've bonded with most at the moment and I think it's quite flexible, though was showing signs of boring me at mid-level range. Not tried rogue myself yet though so can't compare. Maybe I should give it a try if warrior doesn't hold it for me!

  2. Seems lately people are a bit down on Rift after the whole fiasco with the last event but I am pretty impressed with how well the game is doing and all the updating going on.

    I've only tried to warrior in the low levels and kind of wandered off from it because I love to multi spec and I didn't want to tank. Thought the beast master was very enticing, I'd like to try it more, eventually. Not sure how viable it is for leveling. I have noticed some specs are really bad at the lower levels. Especially necro LOL. That was a nightmare from 1-12. I guess we live and learn!

    I really love the rogue, lots of healing at these lower levels as bard. I want to change direction and spec something else once I get more points but it is still quite fun and not too slow compared to other specs I have tried (bard/ranger).

    For sure, give the rogue a try if the warrior isn't holding your interest. I think that is why I took a month off, I was trying to play a class I just wasn't feeling at the time.

  3. It's a great time to return to Rift! Did you hear about the upcoming updates? Appearance slots! I can't wait!

  4. Yes, looking forward to the updates! Wish they would hurry them up, very exciting stuff!




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