Monday, April 4, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

Old places, new quests.
So, all is well with my cable, once again. Over the weekend my trusty little phone worked well as a modem but I'm glad to have it unplugged though, I'm always reaching to it for something.

It's really been a blast playing through the new content on the Alliance side. Dire must have felt left out because he reactivated his account and made a human hunter over the weekend. He's passed my son and I, today I want to catch my son up so we can all stay in a decent range within each other in order to group on weekends.

Mount time!
I'm shadow spec, one level until I get shadowform and just two levels before I get dual spec, which will really be nice. I heal in all our instances and having dual spec will be very nice for this, I can finally put some points into holy. I suppose old habits die hard, healing again in instances but it gets us in groups very quickly and I am enjoying it at the moment. Another priest, but it's just what I really wanted to play up on the Alliance, I didn't really feel like playing much else, character wise. I've tried though, made a few alts but they haven't been as much fun. It seems shadow has some mana issues later on but hopefully this will get sorted out, I am not going to base my character on a flavor of the month class.

We also found a nice guild that is level 15 or so and has a lot of perks. We're probably the lowest members but they don't seem to mind. It's nice having some people to talk to and they are fairly active so it looks like a good thing all in all.

Dire and I.
We've all gotten our mounts which is so nice. I hit exalted with SW with my priest last night and ran off to get a black stallion. I love having a 'horsey' mount! That's about it for the excitement of this weekend. Hope everyone had a splendid and relaxing weekend!



  1. Heya Kaozz,
    Glad to see you're still enjoying gaming regardless of what you play. Interesting that you are checking out the Alliance side once again.

    In one of my blog posts, I mentioned wanting to do that and have taken the plunge and created a Draenei Shaman about a 1.5 weeks ago. One of my Horde guildmates has joined me. I figured she would, we get along so well. She's made a Rogue, and it's been fun chatting with her and running the occasional dungeon with her too.

    Over the past week, I really haven't had a chance to play. Internal hard drive bombed and so my free time was spent making sure all my files were safe. :) Spring time is always a busy time for me (work-wise) so my 'smelling the roses' has been hanging with my daughter. It doesn't leave too much time for gaming. It's warming up here, so hopefully I'll be able to plant my garden soon /fingers crossed (naturally this means even less time for gaming -- but that's ok.) Perhaps I'll get some playtime this week. :)

    It does feel weird playing Alliance. I haven't played it in a long time. The guild I joined was level 14 at the time I joined. I googled and their forum appealed to me the most, also their guild leader is really nice. I've chatted with him in game and via the forums too. This guild is different than what I'm used to, it's a leveling guild so anyone can invite people into the guild. I'm not used to that. I've always had to submit an application before. There's over 800 members. Even though it's open invitation, I've met some nice folks and if you are rude well, you'll get kicked out, heh.

    The Alliance guild is lower than my guild level wise.. My horde guild is/was level 20 (most likely higher now since I haven't been playing in about a week) and the process to apply is a lot tighter.

    Anyway, I'm happy that your family is having fun gaming. :)

  2. Haha, the claws wringing their way under you skin again, Kaozz? I'm torn on WoW, still. The Misses is jonesing to get back in, but I'm far from jumping on that pay-to-play again. Minecraft is free and I put as many hours into this game that I would have in WoW. I still have a lot of gnome and horde pride (odd mix, I know) but there are a lot of things wrong with the game that cause a knee-jerk reaction of fury like the buzzing sound during a game of Operation.

    I like the additions they made, and how they revamped old world. But at the same time... I can see a lot of valid reasons for people to pull the typical "I'm done since ____ xpack came out." In this case, it is *very* real in my eyes.

    They changed the music, the way you play your class, how you spec, the playstyle (etc), the instances and quests, noob zones and up. This game, while great and funny and engaging, is NOT the same game we've played over the years. They went very far out of their way to express that they changed it all.

    But if they changed it all, what about the stuff that attracted us to it in the first place? There is no room to both update 100% and retain the old feel 100%. The game might be perfect for today's market, but much like how the Wii started promoting the console to the non-standard gaming generations (older folks who thought you have to be covered in grease and pimples to like games), they completely alienated the fan base that MADE them a giant in the first place. By that time PS3 and Xbox360 caught up, and I haven't heard a thing about Wii since.

    Add in the Activision tweaks to WoW and I can barely recognise it at this point. It still scratches the same itch better than anything else on the market (to date, in my opinion), but I can ignore that itch until it goes away, too hee hee

    It is great to see you playing with your family. Far too many people don't do that, or simply dismiss games as beneath them. In similar news, odds are the Misses will be dragging me back to my goblin and her troll before the end of this month, even as I protest :P

  3. Hey Pouncie :)

    It's been nice being back, the game seems most enjoyable while leveling and doing dungeons without a lot of stress. Alliance is a nice break too.

    Cool that your friend made an alt with you, it's always fun to have friends to play with when you do so.

    Hope your computer problems get fixed soon! So inconvenient when problems arise!

    We are having lots of fun, hope you are too :D

    /waves @ Encrazed Crafts!

    We were hesitant to go back but after a nice break it's refreshing and the game is almost perfect for us now, it's end game that really turns me off... Not sure what I will do but I am sure I'll try to busy myself somehow and not get caught up with stupid stuff this time around.

    A huge issue I have with WoW is how the classes CONSTANTLY change. Rehashed content used up over and over, direction of the game changing with each expansion... I try not to get hung up on it or I just get disgusted.

    1-84, IMO, is currently the best part of the game in it's current state. For now I am going to enjoy myself and ignore what I dislike- While I still can :)

    If you go back at least you have fresh new content to level the goblin with (unless it's already 85!).

  4. I know! The class changing shenanigans really does get annoying. Add in the PvP aspect of how abilities work and the buffs/nerfs that affect PvE because of that, and they need to completely over-haul their system.

    A friend of mine just got Forsaken Worlds and was telling me THEY had stuff that only does like 25% of the damage on pvp targets. (Thus nerfing the ability in PvP while not affecting it in PvE) It does not take that much effort to change to a model like that, either. Three, *three* people were in charge of entirely changing the landscape in Cata. If only three can change entire worlds, plot out quest spots, lighting, each individual lamp post and tree, why can't three people go on the side and fix their buttons and numbers?

    Again, I agree with you 100% that leveling up is the best part of WoW. Sadly, we chose to hit the instance grind just after we hit 15-17 as we had a tank and healer combo and knew it would be easy breezy leveling. Thus willingly thrusting ourselves into stressful stuffs and completely avoiding all the new content, the very stuff we were looking forward too with the xpack in the first place!

    The Almighty Ding doth strange things to people, I must admit. But there's just something about watching your character progress that triggers the endorphins. It doesn't quite quench the rage of failpugz, but it isn't bad ^_^




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