Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools- On Me :(

More time for art...?

April fools was on me this year. My cable company had some issues on Thursday and it seems I'm out of luck until Sunday with my cable. I couldn't get a tech out sooner, which really made me dislike Comcast. The customer service was clueless and couldn't even get it straight what type of modem I was using, exasperating.

However, I am able to use my Android as a modem, took about a day of no internet to actually try it, heh. I love that phone. It's actually quite decent and my son was ecstatic that mom put a band-aid on the problem. He finally got to log into WoW this evening and putter around.

Until Monday or so things will probably be pretty quiet around here. I've had some time to finish up a few art projects, check them out here. Have a great weekend!


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