Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bitter Sweet (WoW)

Yay, shadowform!
I'm currently sitting at level 35 with my Alliance priest. Right now the leveling game is perfect for us, lots to do and groups are so enjoyable. No ilevel worries, no drama, plenty of instances to access for laid back grouping. I grabbed dual spec and I only heal in instances which speeds up getting groups too. I wish the game continued to offer this fun laid back feeling at 85 too but I suppose we'll tackle that once there with these characters.

Dire is 36 and my son has picked up on his DK, waiting on us to catch up. Our guild is pretty friendly with a few exceptions. I'm enjoying the perks a lot. I do wish that getting guild reputation was easier, how about a low amount of rep starting with two guild members grouping- It would make it easier for people leveling up. Right now it's trickling in very slowly.

I've been trying to stay on top on my gathering but at the speed of leveling it sometimes is hard to keep up. Doing a few instances last night and some herbing granted me yet another level, they seem to fly by. I do enjoy the speed of leveling it's fun exploring new areas and new quest hubs. I grow bored quickly, at times, so a change of scenery is always a good thing. I'm in no way rushing to 85 though, been there done that.

Speaking of 85, I haven't logged in my hunter much at all. I was considering transferring her to the Alliance to farm with, not sure yet. I may play her some in the future but I just don't miss end game right now. It's funny to see people in trade chat comment that Cataclysm is the end of WoW, its everywhere, the speculation. It seems in bit of a decline, honestly, I wouldn't say an end maybe the end of a reign? It's sad in a way, like watching your favorite super hero losing it's super powers. I remember when EQ seemed to fall off the 'throne', I felt torn to try WoW and stick with EQ. It was if a Titan had fallen, I could hear the echoing thud and feel it in the population decline. Hopefully Blizzard takes a good, hard look at things as a whole.

I know some would love to see the reign of WoW come to an end but really what can compare, still? Heck, I'm back because still nothing feels as fluid and smooth, not even shiny new RIFT. It's like sliding  back into the seat of a sleek sports car after driving around clunkers. I have many a complaint about WoW but I can't knock the feel of the game nor the polish.

Currently the game is really good, just what we're looking for, I just wish it would stay as it is, its a bitter sweet feeling. We will enjoy it as long as we can. I suppose that's all you can do in the ever changing world of MMO games.



  1. Oh noes! I typed up like a page and now it is all gawn! No wey! XD

    Oh wells. Short version of it was: You are very correct in like every way! The feeling of the gameplay is present and far superior to many if not all games currently available. Sadly the soul of the game is long gone, and THAT feeling of the game weighs heavily on everything.

    Add in the lack of focus as every important peep is working on Project Titan and all you have left is a bunch of "hey, this sounds cool! Run with it!" sort of brain process. In my eyes WoW died the moment they made Lich King incompotent. The novel did nothing to help the game, and it just got sooo convoluted in-game with that 'story'-line.

    Add in further that better games are being made while WoW is aging every day, and now even free to play games are starting rival the biggest opponent in the arena. Here's hoping Titan knocks our socks off, though I've heard it will be a shooter and a lot of WoW players will not be big shooter fans. I like them, but till I play it first hand I can't weigh in either way.

  2. Oh noes!! Get a new browser! Hehe jk!!

    Yes, I agree the soul has sort of shriveled up and turned to dust. It needs to be revived!

    I often wonder what the new project will be, I suppose we will hear 'When it's ready' TM. Lol.

    It does make me wonder what they are aiming for with the changes in the future patch(es) which seem to conflict with how things are currently.




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