Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love 'Em And Leave 'Em!

Is your MMO all looks and no brains? (Artist can be found here)

I was thinking about some of my MMO games and why I sort of broke it off with a few lately. While I love to play many different games, I like to have a main game but.... sometimes I just end up wandering away for another MMO. Love 'em and Leave 'em! I sort of have bouts of infatuation which cool off faster than you can say: 'It's me, not you!' Of course I never really quit any of them, I always have plans to go back.

Reading about events or something  new being added into one of my games is like having sweet nothings whispered in my ear. 'Oh you know you want to come back, kaozz.' I start getting starry eyed and think, 'Why did I wander off and leave you to begin with!?' But really what is something that just makes me log in less and less? I'll tell you what causes me to cool off with certain games and take a nice little break.

We're on a break.
In all seriousness there are certain things that just push me away these days, even some of my favorite MMO games just don't seem to be as alluring as they use to. What I didn't mind doing years ago seems boring and a time sink these days. I think the biggest thing to push me from a game is the lack of a quest helper. If I have to tab out and break the immersion over and over during a session, that isn't a good thing. I've found myself thinking, 'If I have to tab out one more time to look up a quest, I'm logging off!!' I think that is a huge reason I fizzled out with EQ2 lately, I hit the 80's and just had looked up one too many quests. (For some reason the add-on which helps me quest wasn't working either.) It killed the fantasy for me. Maybe we just need some time apart?

Too Much too soon.
One game comes to mind with this saying, Forsaken World. While I love daily quests, I was a bit overwhelmed with the massive amount of daily quests bombarded upon a player at such low levels. They were great and all but it was too much too soon. And really, It took so long to level, especially if you skipped certain dailies that sometimes I just wasn't feeling it. I just want to have fun and not be tied down to so much so soon.

All looks, no brains.
I have a few MMO games like this. They just look so lovely and/or they have some awesome fluff that I just adore. With some of these, my characters look amazing and its awesome running around in a gorgeous world. In the end I start wishing there was some sort of connection, maybe some depth. No matter how pretty, sparkly or fluffy a game is- if it is shallow I just end up bored wishing for that cute MMO 'next door' that always had something interesting to say.

I'm just not having fun anymore.
We all get bored at some point and I always like to say if you're not happy and having fun then taking a nice little break can do wonders. So, that's what I do when things tend to get monotonous in my games and I don't feel like logging in. It isn't some life choice to stick with one MMO game, sometimes it is just good to take a break or try something different. Unlike people, MMO games are (most) always there when you get ready to go back. And if it isn't? Maybe you saved yourself some heartache. If you're one of those people who have found a MMO that nothing else can touch, being your one and only game, more power to you for sticking to your guns.

What causes your eyes to wander over to some other flashy MMO?



  1. Im intrigued with your writings..really I am!

  2. Good post. I'm currently feeling the same way regarding MMOs in general. I'm hoping SWTOR is the cure to my ills, but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. @ Janet- tee hee, ty!

    @Mojeaux- Thank you, sir!

    I feel the same way about TOR, I have hopes it will be good but not going to hold my breath either.

  4. I think my eyes wander when I see something that catches my eye, and when my current view is located in the same position it has been for four years :P

    Auto Assault drew from my admiration of Twisted Metal and the appeal of no longer simply running, but flooring it across the landscape at 200+ miles an hour. No need to gather iron from mining, just run over through a series of street lamps! Pull a U-Turn and collect the mats!

    WAR got my eye from making tanks more helpful than just a meatshield. Being able to deflect all damage done to those behind me by blocking with my shield (with a skill active) was awesome. Being able to take a percentage of damage from an ally was cool too. Oh, and taunting pvp targets actually lowers their damage until they hit me a few times! The taunt doesn't affect their aggro, so to speak, but they made a way for people to actually hit me when I wanted them to instead of my buds! XD

    I liked the idea of Fallen Earth's crafting, but did not like the way they executed it. I am thinking I would appreciate the similar version in Xsyon.

    In the same vein, while I like the idea of choosing my own class/skill combos, I didn't like the feeling of Rift, where as The Secret World is holding my attention on the matter better.

    New ideas go far, but better old ideas are good too. Improvements. I think that is what draws my eye. Improvements ^_^

  5. I agree improvements ALWAYS make me want to go back to X game! That or additions. I try not to go wild and hop around so much these days. So far it has been working.. For now at least.

    Oh yeah, taunting in WAR's PvP, I thought that was a really cool idea. I never got too far in the game though.




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