Monday, April 18, 2011

Hunter Time

Terrorpene, you're mine, at last!

Last week I managed to hit 63 with my priest. Part of me was missing my hunter so on Friday I did a little PvP for kicks. I mostly got my behind handed to me but it was fun and we won TB. I decided to go ahead and switch Clo, the hunter, to the Alliance. Night elf!

I have a very nice guild who is very active with heroics and raids and so on, we're level 16 closing in on 17. A good place to jump back into the fray with the hunter. Good people to group with and get off on the right foot!

I really have enjoyed playing the hunter again, I've missed her. While I still plan to level the priest, its nice to change it up and just do whatever on my 85 sometimes. With my hunter I often run out to Hyjal and check, in vain, for the rare mob Terrorpene. I was kind of stunned when I saw him swimming around in the lava last night, I started muttering little sounds on the lines of: Oh... uh... um... Dire was like "Are you going to tame him or stare at him?!" I was so tired, and it was late! I got my wits about me and tamed him. He's so awesome! I wanted a flashy tank pet and he fills that role indeed.

Sambas <3

 I was looking back at some older blog posts and I noticed I didn't show where I tamed Sambas, I still get a lot of searches directing people here with that criteria. From what I noticed he seems to be on a twelve hour spawn cycle. He spawns in the Twilight Highlands. Many people seem to think he spawn in Uldum, nope. These are his spawn points. I've seen him two or three times in the same spot, pictured below.

One of Sambas' spawn points, I've mainly seen him here.

If you're after these lovely rares, it took me awhile, keep at it. Keep checking in and looking on and off. The biggest way to burn out on them is to camp them, which I did for Sambas. On every mob I was either too late or competing with a ton of other hunters. Most of my tames have been just checking in real fast and getting lucky enough to see them up.

Anyone have any good ideas for my turtle's name? I thought about Koopa but I don't know, still trying to decide something. Some humor would be nice but not all of my pets have silly names. Let me know if you have something good!



  1. So I'm wondering... is there any pet you havent tamed yet?

  2. A few still evade me and my stable is filling up... just found another this morning, had to abandon one and go tame it again later. Luckily it wasn't a rare!

  3. You really write well!
    Great post!!




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