Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping Busy

Shiny new loots!
Yesterday I completed my first guild heroic. My first heroic with Clo actually. I've been waiting around to jump in with some guild members before attempting groups lately. Finally, last week I bumped my gear up enough to do heroics, I've been gone for awhile and decided it was due time, I even got my first heroic loot, a nice polearm, yay!

I was abducted by a dragon!
Our tank was pretty geared out, then again our guild raids on a regular basis. We did not use any CC, just round up the mobs wrath style. Fine with me, I wasn't healing heh. It went pretty smoothly, and no stopping. It was a far cry from the last time I did any instances at the start of Cataclysm. So, as long as I can get into some guild runs I think I may start working on more heroics, maybe even a few raids if time permits.

Now that's an epic battle!
Besides that, I've been questing my little heart out. The cool thing is I can do some of the quest lines over since I switched factions. MOAR MONIES! I Get to do Twilight Highlands and Vashj'ir over too. I still have yet to do Hyjal, thankfully I don't have to do Deepholm over. Some of these quest chains have a really epic feel to them, some are just all around fun. I thoroughly enjoy the storylines tied to these quests. Some, there are a few, are fine only doing once, lol.

For now even if I don't do heroics and raids on a regular basis there is plenty of questing to do and many, many dailies to keep me occupied. Some I am better about doing than others. I'm enjoying questing and I think I may go after the Loremaster title one of these days. Plus, I need to work up Archeology still. Lots to keep me busy.

If only I could attack from my mount!
I need to work on my priest a bit, I might today if time allows. I've been messing with PvP here and there with the hunter. I acquired my first piece of PvP gear, shoulders. I need to work more on the rest of the set but I'm not rushing it. Some days I can only take but so much PvP!
Whatever your playing, do you find the little things keep you busy and or make you the happiest? Or are you one of those people who has to be working on end game activities to be happiest? I've been pretty busy lately so if my posting slows down over the weekend, I'll just pick back up on Monday!


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