Friday, April 22, 2011

'Hoppy' Easter Weekend- Peep Show

Peep.. Haha! Get it? You were hoping for something else?! Shame. On. You.

Since I don't have anything really interesting to ponder on about what I've been up to in my games, today I thought we'd 'peep' in on some interesting stuff. I've been busy with my new Etsy shop, hey if you want a banner or graphic- Check it out! Yeah, self advertising, at least I don't have any buy WoW gold banners or a donate to me  button (maybe I should have one?!). Nothing wrong if you have one, I just have horrible luck with stuff like that.

Frostheim over at Warcraft Hunter's Union has a great advice post for returning hunters. We're definitely at a good spot now, and the post really shows off some good points. Next patch things get a bit nicer for us too! No pet happiness and pets will automatically level up- Woot! It's nice this expansion because hunters and shadow priest, which I play both, are doing very well and are a blast to play. Ohhh, and since we're ont he WoW topic, this weekend is Noble Garden. I love this holiday, I get to wear bunny ears!

Has anyone noticed that most of the SOE sites are down for maintenance?  Yesterday at ten AM there was a message about it on their Facebook page, nothing since then. They've (most of them) been down for around twenty-four hours or so. is working and the Free Realms site is back up but I can't access the EQ2, SWG or EQ sites. And, last night WoW had login problems... Must be something going around, hope I don't catch it ;)

Mythos has had a nifty patch, already! The level cap was raised from 27 to 50. In the patch bugs were fixed and a new area was added in. Very nice to see the team adding in new content already! There is an Easter contest. Check it out here. It seems a bit hazy on what exactly you do, I think you look for eggs on the website but I'm not too sure how to keep track of that besides images.

Vindictus has had a big patch but I've not logged into that game in months.... They have a cool video on the main page, it almost makes me want to log in and go play. Very cool game, I just have so many other things going on now. I'm happy to see that content has been added on a steady basis, it's such a great F2P game. Of course they have an Easter event, you can get a cute little bunny head piece. Well it isn't so much cute as interesting, I guess.

Forsaken world has an Easter contest. While I'd rather have an in-game event, the rewards are really nice- Battle Panther and a special title. I may just have to try for that!

Well that about does it, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! I leave you with some weekend (Easter) funnies!



  1. That one easter bunny shoe comic is terrible :D

    Kudos on your shop, Kaozz! I added you to my circle. ...Don't quite know what that does, but it sounded like a nice thing to do ^_^

    I know the playstation network has been down for awhile, I'm guessing it is related to this same thing. Bud of mine asked me to log in yesterday, but I remembered catching something about it being down. I thought it was an older post, but I guess it was current after all. Poor guy.

    So I.. uh... got a free week of WoW because we haven't played it in three months >.>

    My reactions to things have been mixed, to say the least, but at least the lore of the Forsaken is a lot better in the plaguelands than it was in that dreadful Silverpine story arc.

    I can report pvp queue times for 40s says 10 minutes, but takes almost an hour. I was ready to check the game off my list again, but got on my higher toon just to test the water, and was happily given a close-call Horde victory at 83 with a fairly short queue time. My gear is terrible so I only have like 50k hp as a DK right now, but at least it was fun, for once ^_^

  2. Ha, I know!

    Thank you, I just added you too. I'm still rather new to Etsy but my mother has been using it for awhile so I've been bugging her about things lol.

    When I email you my address and stuff I'll send it with the email I use for real ID if you want to add me in WoW. Some people like to use it, some don't no biggie if you are leery of it! A free week is always cool! I just got a free week after subscribing.. Very odd.

    DK's are at a good spot now, I run from them in PvP. They eat me alive LOL. My hunter still has a long ways to go in terms of gear and I am still getting use to her again after being gone so long. I find myself facepalming when I forget to use abilities!

  3. About three years ago, I posted the bunny shoe comic on one of my now dead blogs, lol.

    @Encrazed Crafts
    Re BG's...
    It's a bug, crazy long queue times. Blizz knows about it and stated they have a fix that will be added in patch 4.1. I mainly pvp, but unfortunately I've been one that has been plagued with the queue times. Regardless if I'm playing Horde or Alliance. Dropping queue (a few times) and requeuing has worked for some people.

  4. @ Kaozz The last time I really did pvp on a DK was a month after Wrath or so. Had a great time just sitting back in the pack at sprawling AV turtles and just yoink a juicy target towards me and see it get trounched. Then pop the Army for big rushes and drop the anti magic bubble. Was all armored zombie Sci-Fi epic ^_^

    @ Pouncy Aye, I saw people complaining about it. Just man, I was expecting fast queues now that they are all linked up. (Or was that just PvE? Or was it just PvP? Ah, I forgot!) I was leveling up my undead hunter the other day and dinged three times solo questing before it even proc'd once. I knew it was wonky before I tried it on the high level, and I'm just thankful it was fast on my high level. Even more-so that we won. That long queue on my lowbie was a sorrowful loss >.<

  5. @ Pouncie- Lol

    @ Encrazedcrafts- I never had that bug happen, guess it is just bad luck if you get it? On my hunter they go pretty quick. Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer for the patch!

  6. Ha, those are pretty darn funny! Happy Easter to you too Kaozz.

  7. Hehe, ty! Hope you had a nice and happy holiday too!




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