Sunday, April 24, 2011

EQ2- SmokeJumper's Question

Should everyone else have to jump through hoops because we had to?

You've probably heard all about the comment/question EQ2's Producer 'SmokeJumper' has posed concerning giving players 'free' level 90 characters:  What would you think about a winback campaign that lets people return to the game, and if they purchase DoV while playing during that winback period, they also get a level 90 character of their choice? (Assume mastercraft-level kit, modest AA amounts, and a modest coin amount.) I had to just take a moment and comment on this!

Lots of people are bashing and looking down their noses at him over the whole question. However, most of these people have never tried to play the game for an extended amount of time or have even reached a level close to 90- in its current state. The other half is just upset because they might fall off their pedestals so high up in the sky. I think it could help. I'm not saying it is THE answer. It might be easier than revamping the whole game though.

I have a character a few levels from 90 and I've just about paid my dues so I think I can say from experience- the game really needs something to help people catch up. Somewhere in the middle people get bogged down and tend to wander off. I know I have with several characters many times.

If level 90 characters were handed out I don't think it should be with an order of Velious. Most people, if they like the game, even if they have characters under 90, have already purchased it. You're just trying to drawn in new people who never had an interest to begin with. Some other method would have to be done to really make this appealing for people who have always had (a bit of) genuine interest. Maybe one ninety claim character per account, then everyone benefits. You have five 90 characters? Well take another one. That way everyone gets the same thing. Link the promotion to something besides DoV or you'll anger the current subscriber who has already purchased it. The consolidation will end up feeling like a booby prize and the current player base will be resentful, the current subscriber base needs to be included too, they are the loyal players, those you'd not want to run off. I was playing Everquest during the the Living Legacy promotion and I still feel jaded over losing out on some of those rewards.

The game is top heavy and it can be a very lonely road to level 90 for new players. What else could be done to help the current game state? Other alternatives could be a major boost to experience. While it is not a bad (it is kind of close) grind to the top, it could help players cut past a lot of zones which are just plain terrible to level through. Some zones I hate with a passion. Another alternative could be to add in a built in quest tracker for EVERY zone. It is a horrible muck to try to quest in some of the larger zones. 90 levels of this could just about turn many, many people away.

I think EQ2 is a wonderful MMO but somewhere in the middle it sort of gets mushy. The top and bottom are just right. I'd like to see my friends stick to the game and not get fed up and leave, heck I'd like to stop getting overwhelmed, at times. I'd gladly welcome any change to help this game. As with most MMO games, the journey is fun but end game is where it all is at. While we can mock the guy all day long BUT he at least asks the players opinion, instead of it one day showing up in some patch notes or on test and it seems like just throwing it on us like a bucket of ice water. How many producers and developers even bother to ask what the community wants? I just hope, this time, the current players are not left in the cold.



  1. I have to confess I bought a 3 day pass over the weekend and logged in to my EQ2 account after a 2 year absence.....after pledging never to return!
    I was totally lost...I could not remember what keys did what and the default interface has changed. a level 90 character would increase population and bring back more players.
    This has been done on other games and worked very well.

  2. Long time no see!

    I agree it is a bit daunting try remember everything where you left off and then jump out into the big lonely world and get lost at the same time!

    I think it would be easier than revamping the old content. I don't know I just hope the current subscribers are kept in their thoughts too. I think this could be something beneficial to everyone- If done right.




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