Monday, April 11, 2011

Holy Moly

My sunflower! That damn game is hard!
My new Alliance priest is creeping closer to 60. I hope to be there in a few days at least, I really want the flying skill. It's been very, very fun playing the priest all over again and with all the changes the class has gone through, its quite nice to play the class fresh and get a whole new feel for it.

One thing I have learned is I still love to heal, sure I was healing in another game but it wasn't the same. People complain about the holy trinity being a broken, overused mechanic. I love working with a group. Think how boring it would be if we all just played DPS, we wouldn't need anyone else. Oh sure a dungeon may require a set amount of people, how dull would that be? In certain games (Mythos, Diablo, Torchlight)  it's fun sometimes but not all the time in a game like WoW. Some people like to tank others have a passion to see big numbers fly and if you're like me maybe you just like to play the healer and help the group surge forward past the brink of death (dramatics!). Maybe it's from my early days of EQ where I started healing. Since then I've always been drawn to it, in the right setting this is a good system. The content just can't be so overly complicated where it pushes the limits certain roles and people shy away from them.

Old places, new faces.

Most groups are actually quite decent, you'll have the occasional bad group or player at these levels but overall it's been quite enjoyable on the traipse to 1-60. Why does the 'group' game disengage from this laid back fun feeling that we have in the leveling game?  At this point in time we still look forward to groups each night, why does it have to get overly complicated and stressful so suddenly at 85? Upon pondering this it just seems we've just had instances and raids cross wires within this game. 

For now I'm still enjoying Holy in group content  and Shadow for soloing. So it's been really neat doing all of these new quest chains on the Alliance side. Last time I was playing I leveled my newest Horde paladin to 65 and I get to see things through different eyes which is interesting. The overhaul on the 1-60 game was implemented so well, I'd advise anyone to make a new alt just to play through it for the wonderful experience. Plus, there are lots of fun things to check out like the plant vs zombies quests.... Finally I got my priest one, it's so tough!

Dire and I in an instance, good times.

Sometimes a game is what you make of it. Even if things don't go exactly as you may wish, take a break don't burn yourself out so completely that you start to hate it or for other people or reasons you keep making up- The games will be there when you get back and it sure is nice to come back with a fresh outlook and not being so discouraged from burnout. In this case it's just what I needed.



  1. Ohhh Zul Farak. Have good memories of that place.

    You should have asked me for my super secret flower game strategy :)

    Anyways, it's nice to see you have fun with Dire, your son and the rest. Keep spamming me in Sc2 :)

  2. Heya Kaozz! /waves
    I have fun with my toons at all levels (yes even the 85s) but then I do things differently than what's focused on at end game. Perhaps that's why I'm not frustrated.

    Last month, my Rogue hit 85. I've had fun running instances with her and doing a ton of PvP (when I can get online) however I'm now taking a break from her, not because I'm tired of her. She's so much fun, but I enjoy playing a few toons it's what It'skeeps me interested in the game. Everyone's different though, so do what you enjoy! :)

    Currently I'm playing Alliance; Resto Shaman, Disc Priest, and a Feral Druid. As yourself I enjoy healing and have had a blast healing with my Shammie and Disc Priest.

    I've noticed the mana regen as Disc isn't as good as my Shammie or even as a Holy Priest, but I'm still enjoying leveling as Disc. I usually level my Priests as Holy. My Feral kitty was created a few days ago, and she'll be my tank once she's in her 30's. From what I've been reading Feral tanking isn't that great at the lowbie levels (patch 4.1 will change this-- yeah!)

  3. @ Lono- Yeah ZF is pretty fun, always liked that instance, had a good tank and it was a smooth run.

    I make a TON of sunflowers and it seems to be a guaranteed win haha! It took a couple rounds to figure that out.

    Hehe I try not to bug you too much when I see that (SC) by your name =p

    @ Pouncie- Heyas!
    I have plans to dabble in a lot of fun things once I hit 85 with the priest. Trying not to focus on just end game dungeons and raids. I think that helps keeping things fresh.

    Gratz on the rogue hitting 85! Sometimes hopping around on characters doing different things is really fun too, I agree.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the healing again and the Alliance toons. I missed the Alliance side, it's so nice being back. A friend of mine had switched Horde and he's calling me a traitor haha. Thank goodness for RealID in that sense hehe.

    I thought about trying disc but I've always liked holy better so I'm enjoying that a lot. It should be nice for your druid once the patch hits, I've heard a bit about the issues of low lvl tanking, hopefully this rectifies it!




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