Friday, April 8, 2011

Mythos Closed Beta- Want In?

Oh! I'm so excited, currently I'm downloading Mythos beta! It was released a few years ago and I really enjoyed myself, I was sad to see the company close the doors. Since I heard about the game being released again under a new company I've been waiting for that day.

If you enjoy Torchlight, Fate and Diablo you definitely will like Mythos. Since I was granted several keys I figured I would share some of my excitement with my readers. It's first come first serve. You can create an account here and redeem them. We get a few days in early since it goes into OB and the official release soon but hey who doesn't want to play Mythos now?!


Crashing?- Thought I'd pass on some information to anyone who may be experiencing crashes. I use Win7 x64 and I saw a lot of people were having similar issues with the game crashing. Some were trying to run as a different compatibility or as 256 colors (LOL) and so on, what fixed it for some wouldn't work for me. I couldn't get it to load at all, it would crash around trying to log in. Simply uninstall the game and reinstall. It worked like a charm for me. If that isn't helping check the forums here.



  1. Aw, just trying to be nice :)

  2. Aww, man! I just saw a bud of mine post like ten of those codes, thought "what the heck, I'll give it a shot" and claimed a code for myself.


    Oh, crap! She likes this game! So I raced (as much as typing allows in a virtual format) and was about to post the link to you... only to sees you already has the game installed and was handing out codes of your own >.<

    Oh well, at least you're getting your game-on! I just found out it will have random dungeons, finally!

    I know it says EU, but what the heck, I'll try to play it anyway. Me using a code only makes the others even more valuable, ammirite? :P

    It is kinda funny, though. I was about room temperature on the game before, but after seeing just that one line about random dungeons and free to play (be that just the beta itself, or whatever) it catapulted into the "ooooh!" and giddy range.

  3. Aw what a nice thought :D I saved a couple in case a friends wanted to claim one and they were taken, thought about emailing you one but no email addy on your page lol.

    It's changed since I last played it but I think it's just been a few years since I actually played so it seems foggy. That and torchlight seem to mesh together in my head lol.

    So far I like it but can't pick out a class, I want to sit down more with it this week and get a real feel for it. It's really cool with the random dungeons too!

    Glad you got a code, hope to hear how it goes for you!




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