Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mythos, First Look

The Gadgeteer.

Today I wanted to throw some impressions of Mythos (EU) out there. I've not spent a whole lot of time playing but I'm messing around with it here and there. It's been probably around four years since the original version was out and it does feel different. It's a tad buggy but we're still in beta, it doesn't feel the same as it did- but years can add a fog to one's memory! The game still has a really good feeling to it, a smooth UI, and it's easy to navigate. Plus, it's really cute. It has had some neat improvements made to it as well.

One thing I always wished for was to be able to play the game with a MMO view. You could switch the camera around to that view for a moment to look at your character but that's it. However, now you can play in the standard view which works much like Diablo or Torchlight or you can now use the MMO view which is pretty awesome! I was very happy to see this change implemented.

It's a pretty game and the graphics are slightly comical much like torchlight and at times it reminds me of Dungeon Runners (I miss that game). I suppose you could even compare the art style to be one similar to WoW.I like the style.

There are three specs each class can choose from and there are three classes: the Pyromancer which is a magic casting class, Bloodletter a roguish class that can summon minions, and the Gadgeteer which is a gadget loving gun slinging ranged class (you can use bows also). I've played all of them and they are all quite enjoyable. I've always leaned towards the Gadgeteer!

The combat is fast paced (as you'd expect) and fun. Lots of loot, I wish I had a pet to run off and sell for me like Torchlight and Fate do! There is also a scroll which players get that teleports them to the dungeon entrance, which is handy. No running back to the entrance. There may be portal scrolls too, I've forgotten to look when I play. Potions galore, titles which add stats, we also have capes that show!

You can hide your helmet or hat if you like, it's on the character sheet (C) and swap out weapon sets there too. There is also a cosmetic gear slot and I'm not sure where these items come from. I'm sure we'll hear more about it in the future. It's a nice idea, I love cosmetic gear!

There are hub areas where people can sell, stand around and so on, which has changed from the last time I played, it's a new area with wolves and bears out in the open attacking players. It has a more open feeling than it previously did. In these hubs are portals into instances. You can solo or grab a group. There is a system for finding group members but I still have not used it so I'm not sure exactly how it works.

The game has some bugs and still needs some love but the team that has been working on it has done a wonderful job at reviving this fun-loving game, I can see much love was put into it. I can see myself playing this game for a ways to come. I've just got a lot on my plate now and RL seems to be getting busier in the future with  new job prospects for both Dire and I- and we're looking to move soon too. I'll still make time for Mythos when I can.

A few things to mention for players having issues. If the game keeps crashing, you may want to just reinstall it. Sometimes that works, it worked for me, I couldn't get past the login and a reinstall worked like a charm. Also if you are experiencing a white box when you try to start the game- Let it sit there! It's loading! It will load the launcher and then you'll be able to access the game.

So, just some first impressions (or second if you want to count the first release!), I say give it a try if you're on the fence, nothing to lose. It's a lot of fun and a cool little game you can play solo or with friends. 



  1. OMG Dungeon Runners! I miss that game to a degree :( The humor was good (not great, but far better than puns) and the action was good enough. I really liked the oversized weapons and goofy armor, preferred the warrior class, go figure -_^ Last time I played it they were running ads for Tabula Rasa after every few deaths or zone loads. I really liked some of the style in that game, felt like and updated D2, and really, Mythos made me think of it when you first mentioned it. They should reboot it as free to play is taking the market by storm again, finally.

    Dang, after finishing your review of it, it sounds *a lot* like dungeon runners haha All the better! No need for NCSoft to re-release theirs after all.

    Woah. Both games disappeared too, another connection they share. Maybe DR will pop into existence as well. Spooky.

  2. I played DR on and off and it was nice knowing it was there. I preferred the shorter dungeons in the beginning but it was a nice game overall. I miss the corny humor and 'rainbow' armor!

    I enjoyed the warrior class the best also, it seemed to get muddled when they added in the point system where you could almost multi class. I didn't like that as much.

    I never had the chance to play TR but I was disappointed to see it shut down. It probably could have done well with a FTP model.

    I'm glad Mythos was revived, maybe in the future we'll see it happen more with a FTP version instead of games having the doors closed on them!

  3. I played Dungeon runners for a couple of months. I liked it but it was too much of what it poked fun of (an MMO).

    Now Mythos on the other hand was an MMO that felt like a huge diablo game. I assume it was due to less need for massive grinding to gain levels and finding good loot was fairly easy. The relic bosses were so fun to solo. And the "Land of the Dead" map section added in the last major update was great! Its a shame after such a great update the game still got shut down. At least Hanbit did try.




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