Monday, April 25, 2011

Holiday Weekend Fun

Bunny Ears, the best appearance item, ever!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I managed to putter around in several games and have a nice holiday. WoW's Noble Garden started yesterday and I did some of the achievements with a guildie. I almost have the title achievement with my hunter, I just have to find some Horde females and the item to use on them has a five minute cool down...yuck! I've done this achievement in the past but never with this character. I don't know if I'll do it on multiple characters. In places like Goldshire each place that spawns the needed eggs is perma camped by at least two to three people. Crazy! I saw this the first year it came out, but it still takes some of the fun away, the other cities are not nearly as bad. I managed to race around and get far more than those people just standing there, sometimes even grabbing them before the person camping them. Ha ha!

I finally had a chance to do an old raid with my guild. They wanted a few more to get the Kara guild achievement and it was nice to see some of them 'in the pixels'. It was very fast but it was neat. Before long I hope to do some raiding with them, lately I am way too tired as they raid on a later schedule than I am on at the moment. It is nice to be asked and included though. It is also nice to log in and have people actually notice and say hi. I really am starting to like this guild a lot.

For the most part I am just enjoying myself with questing and achievements. It is a total different end game than I am use to but it is very enjoyable. Over the weekend I managed to get The Explorer title. I had most of it done before flying mounts were released (in Azeroth) and mostly the part left was on foot due to me needing to explore the Blood Elf and Draenei starting areas. It was tedious as I kept skipping areas that appeared to light up. It was nice to finally get it though!

I also managed to poke around in EQ2X. There is a promotion where you pay a dollar for a rabbit hat and cape for the holiday. I had a few bucks in my station cash wallet so I figured what the heck. I ended up getting a pink bunny hat, yay. The hat is quite cute but on female characters it looks dumb as can be. You're basically bald where the hat isn't showing. I wish a little extra time was put in to at least add in a little hair... I mean free to play games even do this. Other than that I quested a little bit and thought about actually activating my account to play my main character but I am still sitting on the fence there.

Free Reams April member's packs have arrived. We were given farm plots with some starting soil and seeds. It is very much like Farmville. It is kind of fun but I don't know how often I'll play it. It was neat to go through the tutorial and I still need to log back in to harvest what I planted.I am glad other mini games are being added. More relaxing ones than soccer or racing, those are tedious.

Lono has been asking me to try World of Tanks and I did, briefly. It is kind of fun. Being in a starter tank is not all that great as it is clunky and hard to maneuver but I hear it gets to be more fun as you work towards moving up. A team member kept shooting at me so I kept shooting them and then realized they were not the bad guy but probably just someone more confused than I, lol. I got my tail handed to me when I found the real 'bad guys' but I plan on trying it again soon. My son was like 'Mom what are you paying?', lol!

That about wraps it up for me. Have a great week playing whatever it is you play!


  1. Happy Easter..He is Risen! xx

  2. World of Tanks. I still got that on the Misses's lappy. Played it quite a bit, but then stopped suddenly. I think it is a nice free to play, but they need to allow the player to drive over *everything* as getting stuck on stupid clipping spots is annoying as all heck. You can climb a mountain, but a ten degree incline on this one particular spot is a no-go? The whole spot becomes a big death trap then, at least add like rubble or something to make that blocked off area seem impossible to crawl over, the stuff I got stuck on was just grass!

    I went with the german rigs. I likes em. After quite a bit of grinding I got the tech 2 light tank fully kitted out, and then ah, I think I got the artillery and tank destroyer to try it out. I like the destroyers more than arty's, but that could just be a playstyle dealy. And due to lag, I *only* fire when I got the lock on, so that could help you out killing the enemy! (I think you right click on the red and it'll make your turret follow after them as long as they are in range.)

    I did some of the easter stuffs, but I'm not a big fan of that. At least not at this time. *Though* those eggs were super hidden this year, and they don't even sparkle!

    I sent an invite to that email of yer's, but I hasn't heard a response yet! Did it go through? I left a comment about being Encrazed :(

  3. I think my biggest problem with WoT was how clunky and bad the tank maneuvered, backing up was like going uphill while being covered with molasses. I still have not gotten very far with it but it was kind of neat, something different.

    Darn, I gave you the email to the wrong account (the one my son plays on), check y our email and I'll send the correct one LOL. Ooops! It is saved so I never type it in, barely ever glancing at it.

    Yeah, those Easter eggs did not sparkle, my eyes started to blur after gathering about 260 eggs...

    The horrible thing is to put bunny ears on a female horde char with a stupid item that has a five minute cool down. So, for Easter we get to stand outside of Org and HOPE one of those races wanders out. Since Dalaran isn't a hub like it was, plenty of horde and alliance around last year there, I think the CD should have been changed. I still don't have my achievement because of this :(

  4. Haha, I figured something was up. I was like checking the Pending section on the list and was all "I did paste that in there correctly, right? o.O;"

    Tanks are pretty slow at first. Heck, they're tanks! (Some say the tanks in WoW are pretty 'slow' too, but I'm not goin' thar'!) Did you upgrade the engine for em? You get xp and silver cash for each battle, just follow the Tech Tree/talents down and up that engine and treads asap if handling is your biggest gripe.

    (Another hint, if first starting out, feel free to load a map, try to win and all, but if you die, just drop that room ASAP and join another with any other tanks you have left. By the time you reach the third tank's win/loss, the first should be back up and running. Easy money when first starting out, though you start to roll in it as you use more advanced tanks!)

    The Misses was far from her cheery self while attempting to collect all those eggs yesterday, kept having them snatched up by others on flying mounts and the like. Just getting enough to buy the permanent bouquet was bad, but as soon as she purchased it, she noticed that she must looted one out of an egg some time ago. Then she found out she could not sell the item she just bought back for a refund >.>

    I ended up visiting her location to help 'tackle' the eggs, looting them but not actually taking the egg into my bag space, until she finished her rounds and swooped it up from me. The house was much happier after that haha

    Yes, that one achievement is probably gonna be the hardest to attain this year, with the lack of a big neutral city, at least as populated as it was previously. A friend was complaining on vent about that, asking if I had any female alts or anything, or if throwing it on a NPC of the proper level could counter-act the difficulty, to no avail. Best of luck to you on that achievey! :D

  5. Hehe, sorry about that. I am absent minded sometimes!

    Thanks for those tips, I didn't know that about switching out. Lots to learn still haha. Have some friends playing and I need to catch up witht hem one evening. So many games to play so little time... Haha!

    Yes, those eggs were such a pain to farm. I stayed clear of Goldshire, I wonder which horde area was that bad, probably razor hill or maybe brill? I wish they added a few items in that you could buy with chocolates that didn't drop from the eggs, I bought a few extra dresses because I ended up with way too many.

    I hope to find an orc and troll by the weekend, if not then I just might end up missing this achievement :( I'm going to try again later in the week when I'm not feeling so exasperated with it!




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