Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoying The Simple Things (WoW)

A new beginning.
Recently my son asked me if I would return to WoW with him to play together. I pondered on it a bit and thought it would be fun and I know I'd enjoy it. The new quests are fantastic, almost like playing a new game. The game is perfect 1-60. So, why not? For now we have a warrior and priest duo.

I have absolutely no interest in end game in it's repulsive state. However, the game is probably one of the best when it comes to the leveling aspect and we are enjoying ourselves immensely. We're sitting around 19 and are mostly just playing when we are both on.

Simple and fun. That's how I like my game play. Doing dungeons in these low levels, it's been a really enjoyable. Deadmines, a cinch! He tanks and I heal. Even if people are stupid- we know what we are doing and we can pull things off. We have enough tools now to keep things in check. I really wish end game was this simple and enjoyable. It makes me sad because it's almost like looking to 85 as the end of something great. Right now every thing is still so simple and fun. Maybe together we can keep it this way, even at 85? Even if we never get there, together, its still a wonderful time we're having.

Hogger goes to jail...
We went Alliance, his choice. I always miss that faction on occasion. I can transfer some money over from the Horde, I have buckets of gold waiting to be spent! We are just in one of our alt bank guilds and it sort of is annoying not having perks, so we may join another. Another sad story of being in a small guild. Maybe we'll make some friends along the way.

My son is really having fun. He loves many of the new quests and laughs a lot at the story lines and fun little mechanics added in, I even find myself laughing. He's even had me doing a little WSG and we've had fun with it. I'd almost like to make a 19 twink, where things are simple and fun- though it's not fun to be on the other side of the fence, non twinked and getting splattered. I don't see myself having enough character slots for this anyhow, already I've had to delete some characters.

Home sweet home.
We're still on Silvermoon. SM is home to us, the first server we started on when WoW was fresh and new.  Even if we're on the alliance it seems that Walk the Plank is pretty much dead, which is very sad and disappointing but expected. I have popped onto the Horde for a little on and off but not too much.

So yes, I've returned to WoW and it's just to enjoy the simple things. I remember many wonderful people I've met, many fun times had, epic moments, sometimes wanting to scream sometimes laughing till my sides split- and I plan on holding onto the best moments and not letting my perspective slip. Right now this is more rewarding than raiding with any big guild or winning the best loot- just playing with my son and having fun. Friends and family, if you have those to play with, are the true 'epics' in this game.



  1. Ohh that was nice to read! What are your carachters? Plain and Simple I like that. Im so glad hes having fun!

  2. Just a minor word of caution on the twink idea, Mrs. Kaozz! If you just want to pvp your tail off at that level and eventually ding to 20, you'll be fine. BUT, if you go to the rogue and pay to have your xp turned off, you will join a queue of other like-minded players whose xp is also cut off.

    So it won't be a bother to the 'other side of the fence' as more than likely because they will not be the ones getting splattered, if you catch my drift :P (I know you were leaning against the idea anyway, but if you were looking for another reason, there ya go ^_^)

  3. Awesome! I'm so glad to hear that you are having fun. I am often disappointed with the posts I read about people who are not having fun. The ultimate goal in all of this is recreation...isn't it? I look forward to the day that my son is old enough to play the games that I like to play. There is only so much Wii I can stomach!

  4. The opportunity to play with family is a good excuse to return to any game :)

  5. Aye, it's been a real enjoyable experience thus far, hope it lasts ;)

  6. It's nice that you're having fun. I was hoping my friend would roll a tank when she made an Alliance toon, but she opted for a Rogue. :) My wee Resto Shaman overgears content, so even if we have a fail tank we usually don't run into problems in instances.

    Speaking of PvP...
    I have a level 19 twink (no surprise since I love to pvp.) It's nice to fight against equally geared/skilled players. In the 19s xp off bracket, I get BGs very fast.

    It's no fun steamrolling people in regular BGs (well at least not for me) which is what normally happens in the regular BGs. The toons I pvp with, I pretty much know inside and out. Over time you learn how to counter the various classes you encounter.

    I've always been the type to snap up the best gear I could get and enchant it too. It can be challenging especially when I'm on a brand new server without BOA's to give me a tiny boost, but I like the challenge. ;)

  7. @Janet- Priest, Warrior and Hunter. Yes he is having a lot of fun, some days more than others!

    @Encrazed Crafts- I completely forgot that! very good point about the level locking, well it makes me feel- not so bad LOL.

    @Pid- I try to be positive and just play something else when I find I'm not feeling so good about a game these days.

    I'm not much of a console gamer these days so my son rarely asks me to play on one- He still occasionally does, I prefer to play something on the PC though.

    @MMOGC- It certainly is!

    @Mojeaux- :)

    I may do some PvP in a few more levels, when I catch to my son's DK... He's already made another alt lol.

    It is nice starting fresh and stocking up on cool blue gear you get as you level, sometimes heirloom gear takes the excitement out. I am still using it though lol.

    Been so tired and busy the last few days- took me a few days to sit down and respond with something intelligent!!




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