Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday EverQuest!

EverQuest is twelve years old! While I don't always have an active subscription, the game is one of my favorite MMO games of all time. It's such a huge world full of lore and excitement, friends and wonderful memories. I still play, still enjoy the game, it's still special to me. EQ has come a long way from how it started and has evolved into something classy and special.

I remember being so awe filled with the game, it was so engaging and like nothing I'd ever played before. While I've played tons of MMO games this one always holds a special place, I always return home. I've made some terrific friends within Norrath over the course of playing, more so in any other game.

I could go on and on about EverQuest all day, instead let's toast to another great twelve years! Cheers to you EverQuest! Thanks for the memories, may there be many more wonderful times to be had!

Keeps tabs on EQPlayers for what's happening for the celebration.


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