Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soaking Up The Scenery

Sometimes it's nice to explore or just soak in the scenery in whatever MMO you happen to be playing. So many lovely places to seek out. I decided to 'pack my gear' and head to some of my favorite places in Forsaken World. Whats your favorite place to trek to, even for a short visit, in an MMO? Enjoy the 'snapshots'!

City from afar.

Mysterious manor.

Protective city walls.

Star gazing at the constellations.

Life in the harbor.

Silent city.

Captivated at the park gates.

A cozy little corner of the woods.


  1. Ill meet you in the little cosy corner of the woods! lol Lovely pictures!

  2. Hehe, see ya there :D




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