Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mythos Beta

Mythos (EU) open beta is heading our way... Finally! I found an email in my box, this week stating the date for open beta. I for one am excited, it was a game I had the chance to play years ago and I always hated the fact that it was gone. It's a very cute, fun and entertaining game.

Anyhow they have a neat video I thought I'd post up, sign up for open beta here. (Don't let the first glance fool you that's April not December).

It's also the European version, I haven't heard anything about the US release lately so here's to hoping that the EU will open to us, (US players) as well. From what I hear beta testers in the OB have been able to access it without an IP block. I suppose we'll hear more closer to the date. If you want to check the US site (Red Bana) you'll not  see anything new from before last summer. Have they dropped the ball?  Just some interesting little bits I thought I'd pass along. 



  1. Reminds me a bit of Dungeon Runners, which is now dead >.> But it was a comedy-laced game, pretty nice. Simple, but fun. It should have put a larger emphasis on a item store, though. It was free to play, with ads after death/zoning, or pay per month with a lot of bonus with no real inbetween. For what it was, it was solid gaming, though. Great atmosphere, and seeing the best items drop with rainbow text was always a hoot (though I could never equip them as I didn't pay per month, shucks.)

  2. I loved that game, I even bought the box! I paid for a sub since it was so cheap. It was sad to see it phase out. My hand started hurting from clicking as the dungeons got longer and longer LOL. It was good fun, especially if you had someone to group with.




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