Monday, March 28, 2011


Things are going along nicely in Forsaken World, I finally hit 35 and trained for the pet tamer job. I'm hoping to get a nice blue pet but so far I've not gotten anything to write home about. Pets come in three different types, white (normal), green (above normal quality) and blue (superior quality).

Other than getting all giddy about taming my own pets, I've been doing some instances which have been going quite smooth, for the most part. There is always something to do in Forsaken World. I think that's a reason I like it so much.

I've been waiting seven days on a ticket I put into support and I am a bit peeved that it's still sitting there. I don't know how the customer service is with Perfect World Entertainment, but so far it's not too impressive. It feels like being left to the wolves, not a feeling I like very much. I think that would be the one big complaint I really have with the game so far.

Well, that and not having much choice on some things. I don't like games where they give you too much choice. For instance Champions Online gives you far too much, to the point where you could really gimp a character easily. I like playing a set class and having certain abilities and roles. I just wish we had the option to dual spec at least. So many times, lately, I get thrown into a group with two priests and it kind of is annoying because we both over heal, or the other wastes mana topping people off at a mere 10% health while I conserve letting my big heals hit when players are lower or my HoTs get overwritten.

I've even read that certain classes like the bard and vampire are getting asked to heal. Many of the players that created these characters are not going to want to heal. I think a role check needs to be input so players have some choice at what role they want to fulfill.

However, there are many games out there that add lots of choices and some that don't offer enough. Do you prefer having lots of choices in your games when it comes to play style? Or would you rather have things more defined?



  1. Oy, WoW has those terrible wait times as well. What bothered me about that was I was usually telling them something was wrong with the game, like a bugged quest or unobtainable mining node or fishing pool. I think the longest I had to wait was just over a week for a copy/pasted answer. Same goes for their phone service too. Excellent quality, just terribly long wait times.

    More choices are better! I'd rather have options up the kazoo than be forced to spec one solitary way. You brought up Champions, for example. I like how you can choose, but I agree too much choice *without direction* can be bad where there are a lot of options. In this case I will recommend The Secret World. They will (supposedly) have 500 different things you can spec into. You can mix and match whatever you would like, but they do also offer more defined roles, so if you want to say, heal, they'd recommend you go with *these* abilities.

    They did something similar in Crysis 2, where you could choose which predetermined class you wanted to play, or choose your own skills with ability points. You could freely remake the same exact classes they did, but add in new abilities or weapons. Was nifty.

  2. I think I waited over two weeks for a character restore (account was stolen, now I have an authenticator)in WoW, once. It was horrible. Still nothing with FW going on eight days or so... I am starting to wonder about the company and it's customer service. Do I hold off on investing time in a game where the CS is lacking or do I just wait and see before making that assumption? I'm just going to wait around on them and see if they do pull through, I suppose.

    I do love having choices. Though I think in Champions I just felt sort of overwhelmed. I like Rifts choices with the souls but I think just as FW does if you are a healing class-You are expected to heal (not everyone but a lot of people will come to expect it). I like the flexibility with WoW and the choice to queue and spec as you wish without having to feel forced into something.

    TSW seems like a really cool looking game, I'm definitely interested in checking it out. I've seen a bit on it and it seems like something different and neat.




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