Friday, March 25, 2011

Nothing Is Perfect

Priest 30-39 set.
Lately I've been trying to accomplish a few instances in Forsaken World, for upgrades, and it's been a mix of hit and miss, lots of misses. I'm a smidgen away from 34 and I still needed several pieces of my gear for the 30-39 bracket. You can either get shards from bosses (and random world elites of your level bracket, not as easy since they are a bit rare) or you can get gear and weapon drops off bosses. It's been very a trying process this week.

A lot of groups have either fallen apart right after the first boss or just left me to get beat down by ten mobs while wandering off trying to skip trash. It's classic 'Why no heals, healer!' Umm, maybe because I'm dead? You know the drill. Bad tanks running off while the group is getting slaughtered, people aggroing adds, and the one every healer loves-standing in the bad stuff. Lots of ignorance. Still when you get a decent group with nice players it makes a world of difference.

There are a few things that make bad groups, well, really bad. With FW having a very similar LFD system as WoW, it's not as in-depth, it's simplified. As a healer or tank you don't have a choice to heal or tank, unless there is another class that can preform. As a protector or warrior, either can tank, so one could tank the other could dps. At least one will tank and if neither is specced correctly... One still tanks. A DPS priest? You're still going to heal and you're not going to do very well with long cool downs and lacking heals from the spec. There is no option to choose to go in as X role, you just queue. Which is fine with me, I planned on healing, but it becomes annoying when someone is required to tank but they don't want to so a dps steps up to and it's really hard to heal them and the group as damage splashes all over the place like some killer tidal wave. It can really, for lack of better word, suck. 

If I get off base, forgive me. I'm trying to fend for my son's pet rats. My cat, Tut, is trying to paw at them and I have to keep shooting at him (not directly) with a nerf gun to get him to leave them alone... *THWONK* Run, kitty, run! He's back already, thinking its one big game... Ahem, sorry.

To top it off sometimes groups won't get a healer for certain events, better carry some potions with you to heal yourself! Or maybe you won't get a tank! And if some jerk wants to join an instance and leave when the boss doesn't drop their item... Well you cannot randomly recruit another member. Some instances are timed so it makes this hard. To make it worse you have a set daily limit to doing these instances, some are only once a day and others go up to five times. But if you get five bad groups who want a level 39 filled group or they are leaving [Lowbie dps wanting a free ride?] you get the short end of the stick, for the day.

I suppose that is the way the cookie crumbles. I really enjoy this game but the community is a bit ignorant, at times. I was so mad, one day this week, I told a person "You rape the English language." They had it coming after rude remarks to the tank, in 'leet' speak, through the whole instance. At that point I decided to just try one type of instance per day (without Dire) and pick up my losses if it wasn't any good, just go on my merry way until I could join with my tank later. Which today I got lucky, not a perfect group but it was fairly decent, scoring three blue items (YAY). With the robe I won, I was in a group that doubled up on priests, and the other  priest won it but she kindly let me have it when I asked if I could get it, since she had one already. Very kind of her, I really needed it!

My point is, you will have bad groups in every game. I guess I'm just happy that I'm not being spammed by recount, on top of all the problems I've had! You have to move on and get past them if you are going to enjoy a game, pace yourself and don't let things get you down. It does make me appreciate the simplicity of WoW's LFD system. I do miss that. I miss being able to spec whatever if I needed a change. Ah well, nothing is perfect! What drives you nuts with groups? Ever have one of those days where none of them go right?



  1. For some reason I think your cat will have a different definition of "nerf" than most MMO players ^_^

    It is nice to hear other games sporting a similar LFD tool that WoW uses, I think it is a major utility that could improve other games out there, and more than likely something that causes new players to question why it does not exist in whatever new game they try out. Something the Auction House used to do, but LFD surely one-upped that old timer hee hee

    I had a bit of a... I don't want to say rant, but close enough to a rant about things that bother me during runs, that got a *wee* bit long. I kinda made a post about it back on mine (I think that's called reblogging, like a beefier version of retweeting, right?). I hope you don't mind. Tenderized tanks can sometimes spin quite a yarn :D

  2. How true! He doesn't seem to like 'nerfs' any better than us players- Ha!

    It is nice to have a LFD system, just makes things real easy. It's almost like vanilla WoW with a LFD system. Plus we have an auction house too which makes me very happy, as well as the option to set up a little shot and afk.

    Of course I don't mind :D I'm going out for a smoke and I'll have to grab my reader to check it out! *Runs off to read*...




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