Thursday, March 24, 2011


Scary Booster has claimed this week for Developer Appreciation Week. It's a nice, positive thing to do, while I don't always agree with developer choices I do have a great appreciation and love for the hard work they put into the MMO games, even those I don't play.

Instead of just throwing it out there to what I am or am not playing I just want to say thanks to all of those developers and teams out there for working hard and putting together all of these wonderful online worlds. From the small indie games to the big dogs, the little guys trying to make their dreams come true and the big guys trying to make things better and better. It's all impressive.

We have so many wonderful games to choose from these days. I remember when the variety was very much lacking. Now if I tried every single MMO, well, I just wouldn't have time to do anything else! It's nice seeing games get better and better, more impressive with more options. While the last few years things have been a bit slow this year seems to be changing and developers are trying to be more innovative. It's still nice to see some of those games hitting over a decade, others creeping closer and still more interesting games are on the horizon.

We complain about being bored and stagnated and some of us (guilty!!) hop from game to game like one changes clothes. Maybe it's because there is now such a large variety of games out there where we can do this, the grass always looks greener on the other side. I'm glad the options are there, it's nice to visit different games and widen one's perspective.

I'm a lover of MMO games, if I didn't have such as passion for them I'd have quit writing long ago. I have much respect for developers, and the teams that work along with them, just for doing what they do!



  1. You are the Master at playing New games! Great post of appreciation, something always to remember.




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