Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crits & Giggles

Just... Wow. Those big red X marks are from an add-on that is used to mark healers in PvP. Does it take the fun out of PvP to actually find the healer on your own? This makes me a sad panda. I don't know if I should laugh or remember I have a healer and cry...

Screenshot or it didn't happen!

Dude, just pick up your losses and re-roll. Yes, it was really listed on craigslist. I had to take a shot of it before it was removed~ And yes, it's gone now.

Enjoy your weekend~


  1. Wow. I wouldn't even pay for a character transfer to play with my cousin (I rolled a new holy pally on his server, though). Makes you wonder what's up with that guy. Does he make enough that $1,000 is funny money to him? Is that why he was so willing to use a bot to get Archie skill-ups? If he is having a computer play a game for him in the first place... why is he 'playing' the game at all? XD

  2. There was a long post on the forums about it, I wish I had remembered it. He commented it was just so very boring that he botted. If he was that bored maybe this is his chance to move on to another hobby lol. I don't understand come people!




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