Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving Forward

Yesterday I decided to try to do more questing instead of so much rifting. Ding 19! I did manage to get into one large raid, an invasion popped up and we killed a big angry boss, then headed around to seal up rifts. It was quite fun. Rifting and invasions sort of reminds me of very casual raiding. It's quite casual and fun and it can take on a large scale fast.

After that things felt a bit dull, questing. For one thing you can't just run through and skip mobs on your way to the quest area, you'll get knocked off your mount and possibly die. I think the steadfast mounts may not be as easy to knock you off but until then... it sort of annoys me. I hear people complaining about this and the reply is 'This isn't WoW!' Well, WoW isn't the only MMO you can run past mobs you don't want to engage in, almost every other mmo you can so this with. What's up with this Trion?!

I moved on to the next area and it felt very enclosed, maybe it's just the area right where I am questing now. I didn't have a chance to delve further into it to see how the rest of the zone appeared. I still have yet to find a spec I enjoy as much as the chloromancer. The necromancer feels fragile in comparison and I'm just not sure which others are the best dps, I'm guessing pyro or storm specs are the big dps. I'm mostly worried about survival right now. Getting several mobs on me and dying isn't fun, for now chloro it is.

Something handy for groups and rifting is the similar targeting to EQ2's system. In the options, interface I think, there is an option to see target of target and cast on target's target. No need for assist macro's here, unless you just want to do it that way. Target your tank and you're instantly assisting! I really like this, it also helps with healing in invasions, sometimes. Also CTRL+U is how you disable the interface, hit it again and it hides names, hit it once more and it shows the ui again.

Dire may start playing, he has hinted around so I am going to install the game on his machine and let him have a go at it and see how he likes it. He's worried it won't run well, so I'll have to do a trial run tonight at tweaking the settings. If he does start I may make a cleric or something to play with him. We'll see how it goes, he may not even like it. I think he'd enjoy it though.

I also bought me a pretty horsey! I have the cool turtle mount (hehe have you seen this?) but I couldn't resist buying a lovely horse. I've been drooling over the mounts in this game and thought I just needed some eye candy.

See you in Telara!

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