Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi, my name is kaozz and I'm addicted to rifts.
I really need to slow down and quest in RIFT. I am out-leveling quests because all I do is run around doing invasions and rifts. It's like I can't stop. Must...Stop... Rifting.... It's really a lot of fun. Even when I can't find a group of people doing them, I still end up soloing them. It's just so damned fun.

I ended up attaining all of my souls last night. I looked into it and saw you have quests in the major city, grabbed them and got them all fairly quickly. All you do is seal a rift and kill a summoned mob afterward. Pretty simple. I've not had a chance to try all of the souls and I need to dabble around more to find a good dps spec.

My current spec at 17.
Right now I'm so stuck on the Chloromancer spec. It's so tough, I can take on a lot. Instead of pairing it with necro (I may do so later when I have more points, at least for one spec) I traded it out for the elementalist. In doing so I get a tank pet right off the bat (good ol' pet rock keeps all the baddies off me), extensive heals through dps and a skill that regens my mana after each fight. I could be gimping myself from a more flashy damage dealing spec but it's great mowing through stuff without breaking a sweat. Plus, I chase down invasions and rifts so it's nice to always throw out heals, it really helps a lot. If you're looking for a solid mage spec check it out, pictured above.

As you see in the other pictures I got a sweet looking hood which I dyed purple. While the game doesn't seem to offer appearance slots at least we can dye armor. Very cool to be able to do so. It's the little things like that which make things nice.

I also saw Lono on last night, which made me very happy. It's been far too long since we played the same game. I'm just not sure the RIFT bug has bit him yet, maybe it will before long. Dire seems very interested but he is really enjoying EQ2 so I am hesitant to try to pull him off to, yet another, different MMO.

It's been a long time since I was so gripped with game play. It's nice. I get wrapped up and sucked into this game each time I log in, I have to pull away and clear my head. It's delicious!

So, that's it for today. Safe adventures! Happy Rifting!

Wondering how to access your other souls? RIFT Soul Quest Guide


  1. So much games I want to play all at once... so little time...

    Need to quit my job :)

  2. That's a pretty hood and robe! That goodness for dyes. I had this really ugly multicolored clownsuit the other day, but I ended up turned it into a sexy red outfit.

  3. @ Lono- lol you silly monkey!

    @ MMOGC- Ty, last night I got a better one and was sad to switch them out as the new one looks like a silly cap you'd put on an infant. Oh, you must post pictures hehe!

    I love how you can dye armor to make it match, my hood was peach and didn't match when I first got it. Looked much better after dying it :D

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