Friday, March 11, 2011

Forsaken World

This week Forsaken World launched into open beta. This is a game I've been interested in for awhile and never had the chance to get into closed beta. I'm excited to try it, Dire is even dabbling around with it. I've not had a chance to get very far but I am ambling my way through the first few levels, so far, and enjoying it.

The graphics are very clean and fresh. You could almost compare the scenery to WoW. It's charming and well done. The artists did a fantastic job. The characters and armor are quite beautiful, as well. Starting out in this game is nice, your character doesn't look like some poor homeless person, you aquire some pretty snazzy stuff right away.

The combat seems pretty fluid, I've not gotten very far to know how much this changes. Most games are cake at the lower levels anyhow. The UI is simple and easy to figure out too. The game is built upon questing for leveling, you'll get far more xp this way, grinding nets far less, or so I've read. There is also an autoroute system which runs you to quest NPC turn in's, mobs and so on. Some may call it lazy but it's pretty simple and I like it.

Groups are needed for instances and I've read there is a LFD system. How well it works is beyond me, I'm not high enough to access it. I suppose anything to help move things along towards getting a group is a plus. 

The game features many tried and true classes like priest, mage and warrior. It also has the vampire class which seems quite fun. You carry a big cross across your back, after doing a few quests. it's pretty bad-ass looking. The races are your basic fantasy with a few little twists.

There is also the zodiac system which awards different things at intervals. I've not yet grasped this system, instead looking to see my goodies pop up and grabbing them with a smile. Along with that there is a pet system and these pets do different things such as buff, debuff and so on.

All in all it looks like a pretty good F2P game. I have heard making money is quite hard and it's simply aimed for people to buy it from the CS. I don't like that idea but I'll have to spend more time in the game to see what the deal is.

Just a glance at the game, I'll post more thoughts as I progress. If you want a more in-depth review MMORPG-Tactics has a good one worth checking out.



  1. Hmmm, I might have to give this one a try. I haven't been in an MMO mood for awhile, but it's free so what the heck.

  2. It's really a lot of fun. I've been enjoying it more than I thought I would. Definitely worth a try :D




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