Friday, March 11, 2011


TGIF! Sit down to EQ2 and a nice Brew(day)!
TGIF! A little Friday goodness, just sharing some interesting tidbits out there and perhaps some thoughts on them :) I've been lazy about talking about other games lately but I haven't been just playing RIFT non-stop. I'm needing a little breather as I am sure some of the blogging community is too!

Brew Day returns to EQ2! Some nifty new items this year and plenty of cool quests. Stock up on the floor items, in the Bar of Brell. Green stained glass tiles and some grassy looking squares (field squares) for around one gold. A nifty new shield reward, very awesome graphic is rewarded this year. Working on that, myself, currently. Zam has the full quest list here and EQ2 Traders has a whole slew of info. As always, every level can participate, fun for everyone.

EverQuest turns 12 this month! Happy Birthday EQ!! Lots of celebrations across (all) Norrath. Eq2 EQOA and EQ have some fun stuff in store. I really like the idea of EQ2 taking part in the celebration, after all it is part of the world of EverQuest! Check here for more info, very exciting indeed!

Guild Wars had a neat update recently. Embark Beach has been added in as sort of a new hub for travel and questing. You can also hire your own characters as a mercenary. The catch is, you have to buy this feature. Other cool things would be the seven hero feature, upped from three. Very cool. Daily quests and, get this, pre-searing daily quests! I've been pondering making a character just for that 'era'. This makes it more appealing. Some cool changes, glad to see more is being updated with GW, it's a great little game.

Did you know Horizons re-launched as Istaria? The game looks like fun but in my opinion it would need to have some revamping towards the new player experience. I tried it years ago and it was.... trippy. It's newer than EverQuest but it looks about as old, maybe even older. Perhaps playing as a dragon can make up for that, I sort of think the graphics have some charm to them.

If you didn't read my last post, check it out. Forsaken World launched open beta this week. A very smooth and interesting MMO. One I can see myself playing for sure. I'm not sure of the extent but I'll definitely be keeping this game on my computer. It seems this game has far more incentive than Perfect World did, for me at least. No grindy MMO here.

Rift had a patch this week changing up some things already. The forums did have a few nerf cries, of course. I didn't notice anything with my play-style changed, so I was a happy camper. XP rates have been changed for Rifts... I don't know if this is good or bad. The game just left the beta stage, it's still hot from the oven, is it a bit early for changes already or is this a sign that developers are on top of things? What's your stance on the topic? Check out the list here, lots and lots of tweaks. Seems like deja'vu...

Free Realms goes to the PS3 on March 29th. Kind of cool, now I can play it there too. I doubt I ever do though. I hope this may spur some content additions for some of us old time players who are a bit bored. I've gotten pretty stagnated with the same old stuff lately. The holiday events are grand but we still need some fresh content!

SWTOR has a pre-launch guild program. Kind of interesting, but I'm more into... actually playing before I even worry about guilds. Some people worry and fret about things like that so I suppose it's cool for them. Freaking release the game already or give us a date! Sorry, I had to say it. I hate waiting so long for releases.

Dragon Age 2 has released. I have my plate full with stuff, so just like the first one, I'll be waiting awhile before I get to playing or even buying it. It does look good, I'm just not in the mood for a RPG game right now. Well... maybe one with co-op play...

Speaking of RPG games one I am patiently waiting on would be Dungeon Siege III. It is due out this year. DS has always been a rpg I loved. The graphics were not cutting edge but enjoyable still and the game play was fast paced with a witty party and just a lot of fun in general. I cannot wait to play this, Dire and I have always loved this series and to see it continue makes us very excited. Check out the official site here, plenty of trailers galore.

Last but not least. WoW has an interesting upcoming patch. Bringing back some old world content. Good thing or just recycling again? Lots of class tweaking... When don't the patches contain this, heh. Some things I noticed though, the hunter pet loyalty system has been removed- yay for hunters! And... pets will now automatically scale to the players level. About time! Very cool little tidbits there for when I do return, one of these days! Not the biggest news from the patch but all I am concerned with currently. I still miss Azeroth some days.

That about wraps up my rambling. Have a fantastic weekend!

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