Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beauty of The Soul (RIFT)

Looks can be deceiving, not your average healer look eh?
Yesterday I decided to play around with my different souls in RIFT and really saw how RIFT shines with this system. The beauty is that you're not stuck with just one, well, class. Changing souls is almost like playing a different class. The mechanics change and you are left with a different way to play. I enjoy this, immensely. While I think the necromancer soul is great I think it's been a bit rough so I decided to help heal with some rifts, I hardly see any healers around.

The Cloromancer blew me away. I still had my necromancer tree so I could use my dps pet and run around healing through dps. I won't say it's overpowered but it's definitely strong. Once I gain the necromancer ability reclaim power [tap the pet's health for mana, the pet ooc regen is so fast you can tap it infinitely] it will probably be a very, very smooth build for soloing. I do notice as a healer, people don't get it's me healing them (mostly through my damage) I end up tanking a lot of stuff while people run around like wild animals, during rifts. 'Hey you tank! Get this off me! Yeah me, the healer with the skeleton pet!' I think it will take some time for people to get just how different the souls can be when it comes to healing and tanking.

I did a lot of rifts and invasions yesterday, more than I did quests. At one point I joined a raid that ran from rift to rift which was just awesome. I managed to get enough of the rewards to get a snazzy new blue robe and staff. I was elated. I had so much fun.

Later in the evening I still wanted to do more rifts but the server population is lower than some and I ended up soloing some easy rifts and invasions. I don't know how viable that will be in the higher levels. Should I pick up and move to a populated server before I put too much into my characters here? I'm currently on Akylios for now but I was pondering moving to Byriel, where my EQ2X guild is. I don't want to deal with queues and I did see there is one there which may smooth out in a month or so. Decisions, decisions. I'm still here now, I'm Sable if you want to pop in and say hello.

I could actually see this game taking on a strong lead in the MMO world. Granted it has decent, yet accessible, end game content. Rifting and invasions can go a long way on filling in gaps. Things like travel will need some work. It's still quite young and given some time I think it could evolve into something very promising that offers longevity. Only time will tell, I'm 15 now so I can't really give a lot of insight.

I'll leave it at that as I have a massive headache currently. Safe adventures all!

A great list of things to help you get started, thanks to Syncaine for sharing.
Things I wish I had known.... RIFT


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in Rift.

  2. Yeah, I didn't think I'd be having such a blast but it's quite nice thus far :D

  3. Glad you like the Mage. Chloromancer is a great soul, and I've heard accounts of people doing wonderful healing with it in instances. As a soloer during beta, I don't know if I could have made it so far without Chloro in my build, even just for support.

  4. Yeah it's really a great soul. I can't keep away from it to try much of the others still lol!




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