Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You Can Never Go Back

People in the old starting zones warmed my heart :)
You can never go back to those first new feelings for a MMO. While some people have dreams of recapturing those feelings on the Fippy Darkpaw server, it's just not the same game. I remember my first day in Everquest... *Flashes back* I remember running around lost, dying over and over, camping in groups at the newbie log, running around naked..Being scared... Getting oh so very lost in Neriak, I wanted to cry.... It was truly terrifying and awesome at the same time. I had never played anything like it.

But today, in 2011 I have, I've been there and done that, I don't really want to try to relive any 'glory' days. If I miss anything, it's long lost friends. However, I thought it would be nice to pop in and check out Fippy, see how things were. I know a lot of people are expecting things to be very similar to how the original 'classic' Everquest was but I didn't think that would be the case. The only progression server I've played on was Mayong, which I did enjoy, but eventually they all end up the same.

The ECTunnel was hopping, back in the day.
So yeah, I have no intentions on playing on Fippy but I had to pop in and check it out, I love all things Everquest, so I just had to! It was such a huge success today that another time locked progression server was added. Props to SOE for the success of the day. I do hope everyone has fun there but as a current player I like playing on my own server, I don't feel the need to pick up and start over!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not downing this experience, it's closer to any, if you want to try to imagine Everquest years ago. So here are my thoughts and comparisons, as creating a Dark Elf Mage on Fippy's first day. Mind you I waited till late in the evening to even try to log in!

Experience rate. It's pretty horrible, but it is to be expected that we don't race to the top. Fine with me. It is much slower than normal servers but then again there are only 50 levels currently. Compared to back in the day? It is really icky but it was worse back then, I dare say. Either way it makes no big deal to me, I'm not getting on that treadmill again!

Nobody in the 'ECT'... yet!
Combat. Ah.. I had hoped for some adrenaline pumping here, no not really, I think my heart is weak enough from those days. I don't remember being able to melee down any mob as a caster, back in the day. We have a different regen system here, it was actually ticking up as I fought mobs. Also there is  the out of combat regen system, back in the day you had to med with your face in a book for five to ten minutes! While annoying this gave us time to chat in groups, as I was not able to kill a yellow at level one, NAKED, back then. Then again who wants to do it like 1999?

WTS 2 bags of stuff at T1!
Community? There are chat channels. This sort of takes away from that old feeling. You got to know people as you leveled, talking in out of character chat [/ooc] instead of seeing the same trolls, day in and day out, in the channels. The chat channels were pretty much filled up will bull, people insulting those asking questions, being rude in general. Not a big surprise. There were a few nice people but mostly I saw bickering... AND... IN 1999 WE DIDN'T TALK ABOUT WoW! Yeah, lots of comparing it to WoW. Seriously people? This is the granddaddy of MMO games!? I think things will smooth out when all those free activations for accounts die out and the tourists, back for a free ride down memory lane, head to greener, newer pastures.

Things we didn't have. We didn't have maps, we printed out maps, also you couldn't tab out of the game to look one up. Maps work on Fippy. That's fine with me, I hated getting so lost, it wasted a lot of time. It made the game a scary place though. Sense heading is pointless as you can use the compass, fine with me as I am directionally challenged. I remember binding it to my keys so I could work it up faster. Oh! Humans can see in the dark! *And the humans everywhere cheered!*

Am I doin' it right? I'm the only one here nekkid?!
No naked people?! Turning in your note to the guild master never gave you a robe. Does it even on normal servers? Last time I checked it didn't. You were handed some invisible tunic. Today everyone was running around in pretty robes. Back in my day we fought mobs NAKED! I had to, just for old times sake. It just wasn't the same. I went and got myself a pretty robe too. I don't think it is as hard to obtain plat either, judging by prices in channels and the coin gained from selling junk loot. Never did newbies have plat, maybe a few measly copper!

Classic Everquest UI.
Things of the past. Of course the UI is different from how it was back then. It was a small window in the middle of all these other things that filled up the screen. When you needed to med up for mana you opened your spell book and sat there staring at it, literally, hoping some monster did not creep up on you! Until level thirty you did this. Also we have the Luclin models, you can always opt to turn them off, I didn't even think about it. Since there are currently no mounts, you wouldn't be any worse off for doing so.

Overall? It was neat popping in and seeing so many people, there were groups all around and much soloing even a few nice people were trying to be helpful. Some were trying to start groups and I saw several box groups running in sync. I don't remember being able to solo so well [at the lower levels] and I think classes like Mages and Necros will have it pretty easy as far as soloing goes. Heck, most classes, besides rogues, won't have it that bad compared to back then, if they try to solo, considering greens and light blues of today. I will say that the experience, for the most part, should be rewarding to those that enjoy grouping.

It was nice seeing groups everywhere.
So, I wish Fippy and Vulak'Aerr the best of luck! It was nice to visit but it's not the same, even if it was, it might be a bit too nostalgic!

Need some help?
Some Helpful INFO!
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Everquest official [Newbie Zone] Forums- Great place to check for info and ask questions.
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Zam- [Allakhazam] The best database for EQ besides LUCY
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Communicating with people across servers and SOE games!
An awesome tool to be able to talk to friends across servers and other SOE games.

Last but not least you can use the station launcher to chat with friends, remember EQIM? Well it pretty much works the same. Check it out
here. Scroll down to Friends Panel.

Protip ;) There are no ? and ! for quests... H key is your friend! H is for HAIL! Alt+Q opens the quest log and Q is also the default setting for auto attack... And /Q quits. So just be careful with your Q button ;)


  1. People have been clamoring for this server forever...great for them, but it does nothing for me. Every time I log into EQ it brings back memories, but if I try to play it I just get frustrated. The game would be good if I had limitless free time (and could overlook the ancient graphics...they hurt my eyes) but as an adult/parent/employed person it is tough to get into.

  2. Yeah the forums always have a classic thread, for years people have been asking for one that reaches up to Velious. I guess this is as close as it gets.

    The normal servers are much easier for today's casual gamer. Especially FV which adds a XP boost. But I know exactly where you are coming from and it's a big reason we are playing EQ2 now. Dire has even less time to play these days and I think EQ wasn't what he needed, at this time.

  3. Once you get back into EQ it is amazing how little you care about the graphics (but they are shocking at first).

    EQ has always been and always will be a timesink. If you don't have loads of time to dump into the game you won't get very far (or won't catch up).

  4. I've always been rather fond of the graphics in EQ, I suppose I am fond even of those clunky old graphics in the older zones, though the new ones are nice too.

    We do very well on FV as the game has evolved but yeah it still can require a lot of time. I don't have nor want to spend as much time with the progression server- That is just wayyy too much time!

  5. I don't think the ease of earning money has changed at all. I have 18 plat now at Level 5, after buying all my spells. All of that came from selling exactly the same things I used to sell in 1999, for exactly the same price.

    Rusty weapons sell for 1-2g, so does cloth armor. Cracked staffs sell for 9g (your charisma may vary). If, like I did, you make a point of killing mainly creatures that can drop these things (various skeletons, kobolds, orcs) then the money mounts up fast.

    I vividly remember my first trip to Lavastorm back in 1999, to visit the gypsy camp and buy a Combine weapon. The one I wanted cost something around 38 plat then and I was able to afford it at about level 12. I needed it to hunt wisps, which allowed me to make several hundred plat during the teens from the GLS hand-in in North Karana.

    Making money at low levels was never that difficult, although many, many people seemed to find it so.

  6. I think you missed my point :) It was more of a jest as a long time EQ player.

    The reason I was pointed out money was because on this server (compared to the 'classic') there is:

    Less chances of dying and losing time. Less chances of losing all your money on a corpse you can't find. No corpse runs until, what- level 10? No medding with your face in a book for ten minutes or waiting ages on health to regen. With the ooc regen system that's so much time saved right there.

    Time = Money.




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