Friday, February 18, 2011

Party Time!

Last month I was seriously thinking about pre-ordering RIFT. If you would have asked what I expected to play in March, I probably would have guessed RIFT. I was happy to be able to try things out and check in on beta but things like damage meters and the newly mentioned LFD (Yes, it appears that RIFT is getting a cross-server LFD ) system have sort of pushed me away. At this point I feel it's best to wait and see on this game. I don't have it in me to fall down the rabbit hole and find out it's just like something I've been running away from.

I did manage a pre-order this week for Destiny of Velious. While my current main is still pretty low, I plan on picking up speed soon. Plus all those pre-order goodies really made me drool. Both Dire and I pre-ordered the CE. In my opinion it looks like a decent expansion and Dire is very excited about gaining levels to be able to access it. Plus, I am relieved that DoV will NOT introduce gear score to EQ2. Whew! I was a little worried there for a minute. I want to stay clear of that type of game play, which erodes communities.

Dire is actually more excited about the game than I have seen him about anything, in a long time. Tonight he is going to make a bruiser, we thought it might be a tad better for a duo with my healer. I'm for whatever he wants to play but I think he missed being melee. He even asked if I wanted some Red Bull to give us some 'all nighter wings' (ha!) to blow through some levels with the bonus xp weekend. I haven't seen this type of MMO interest in ages!

This weekend many SOE games are treated to a nice XP bonus. EQ2's will last until the 22nd when the servers go down for DoV. I really enjoy the bonus XP that we get within SOE games. It's the little things like that which keep me playing their games. Plus I love GM and guide events, most games
don't have that little touch of flair.

Last night we had a community party in the lounge, on Freeport. It was hosted by our community manager, Amnerys. Amnerys was very awesome and handed out some really cool items such as a music box, robes (pictured at the top), plushies and some lovely flowers for the house. I was very happy to get some goodies! It was a neat event, mostly social, and there were tons of people around. Definitely a fun change of pace.

So, that's where I see us to be, for sometime yet, hanging out in EQ2's Norrath. There is always a fun event to look forward to, leevels, crafting and housing to keep us busy. The community isn't bad, for the most part, and the game suits me better than any other game I can think of. Enough fluff to keep me in bliss but enough of the true MMO things so I don't get bored.

Party on and have a great weekend everyone!

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