Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comfort Zone

So, today the Everquest progression server, Fippy Darkpaw, goes live and RIFT open beta starts. I don't think I'll be playing either. I currently play Everquest, on a frequent enough basis to not have any nostalgia for the old days. I was there and I like how things have evolved, I have lots of characters I love and I don't need anymore. I am sure it will be a blast but there is no going back to the past. I hope those that join have a wonderful time, I will look forward to hearing about how it goes.

I'm considering letting the EQ accounts die out for awhile, still having fun but it's a bit much playing more than one MMO, currently. I think I sort of got a bit bored waiting so long for the free transfers to FV. I'll pick things up down the road. I just can't focus on two, these days, and keep up with them enough that it's worth it.

As far as RIFT goes, I think I just got tired of waiting with that also. I sort of lose interest if things drag out too long with MMO games. I start getting interested in other things. Not to say I won't play RIFT, I know I will, in due time. I just don't think I will be pre-ordering or playing it right at release. I'm pretty content now.

Last night I was talking to Dire and, as I sometimes do, I told him I wished he played EQ2 with me. Long story short, he made a comment about playing which led to him wanting to sub and make a char on the EQ2X server with me. I think my jaw hit the floor,  I didn't think he would play again, though I wished, very much, that he would. So if he will stick with it, that's where I plan to be for quite sometime- EQ2. I'm snug, like a bug in a rug, in my comfort zone there.

Since he's played before, I decided to set him up with bags, a mount, a house and some neat appearance items. He works long hours so a smooth transition back into the game made things easier for him. He enjoyed the Conjurer class a lot, I've been thinking that it would be one he really would enjoy- if he ever played again!

I considered starting up our characters on CB again but I think the FP server is a nice place to be. I do think we need another server up, soon, for EQ2X. The server has been crashing quite a bit and having long load times, it has a heavy load and I know that can't be good, all that crashing. Over the weekend it was down quite a lot. I'm sure it will be dealt with, here's to hoping for a new server to take some of the stress off Freeport!

So, I'm in a happy place now. Plenty to do, more catching up but at least not alone this time around! Mentoring will bridge any gaps that may happen as we level at different speeds. It's so nice to be able to group together at any level. I'm here to stay on the FP server. I look forward to the adventures ahead!


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