Thursday, February 10, 2011


Nothing like some exciting new content to draw me back into my favorite games. This week I've been having fun with some of the Valentine events, especially in Everquest 2. The events offer some nice rewards and there is even a token system, the thing is- the candies and notes required for it have a horrible drop rate. Normally I wouldn't complain but there is a new Pink Unicorn for 300 Errolisi tokens that I just don't know if I can bother grinding for. However badly I want one, I think it's a rather horrible grind. I read, last night, that the turn in for the tokens would produce more in return and I can say after turning in a large handful, today, I did not notice any change.

Other than that I've had a wonderful time, EQ2 has some of the best holiday events in any MMO. This is my first time actually playing during this event. Last year I think I was playing Everquest which doesn't have any events, this time of year. There was even a fun instance to head to and I could explore it solo or take a group along with me.

There are some fun titles, neat clothing, a pet and lots of lovely housing items. I love all things 'Valentine' and the rewards are the icing on the cake for me. I managed, thus far, to get the Flirtatious title, which I thought was very cute. There are people everywhere doing the quests and it's nice seeing an abundance of players running around in the spirit of the season. There is a lot to do!

Last year I also managed to miss the Free Realms Valentine event. It's fun with some questing and a mob that spawns every fifteen minutes to fight for rewards. However, to gain some of the rewards I really want, from the instances, it's a very nasty grind. I probably gained 20 levels across all my professions and I've decided to call it quits on the event, giving up on several items I really wanted. Almost every single time I got a wall sticker for housing or some silly consumable candy. Not fun. Not cool. I did manage to get a few new items, so it wasn't all in vain.

Everquest isn't holding any Valentine activities but the cash shop has a few neat items. Yesterday I did most of my transfers to FV and was stumped on who to play! I decided to do some leveling on my Druid and we had a wee bit of power leveling going on, last night. The Druid is a class I've always loved and played over the years, it's nice to play one again. Who doesn't love ports heals and buffs! It will be a nice addition to our little army of characters, once she gains more levels, sitting at 58 currently. I even found her the cute, little, useless bear pet! He must be like level five, seriously. Poor little guy.

I almost re-subbed to WoW just for the holiday events. This will be the second year I've missed the newer Valentine event and I just hate that. I have a lot of my plate right now, I'll probably just hold off for another year on the event. Much fun to be had still, in other games!


For a peek at the EQ2 Valentine holiday events check here.
Free Realms Valentine events found here.


  1. Oh dear...I would have been ALL over that pink unicorn.

  2. I'd love to get it if the drop rates on the candies were not so terrible. My last attempt was one drop out of sixty mobs and they are used for the holiday crafting which I am also struggling with. That's some bad luck >.>

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