Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everquest- Transfers!

Easy bake server transfer... Now instant!

I've been waiting quit awhile on the free transfers to pop up on the Firiona Vie server in Everquest. Today is the day! I'm very happy to be able to have (most of) all my characters here on the same server. I am still pondering on buying a couple of extra character slots because right now I am still not able to transfer a few characters. I really want my cleric to be moved over so I at least need one more.

I suppose lately I've been getting a bit bored because I've really been wanting to play those characters with Dire and now we can mix and match our duos! Lot of fun ahead and even though some characters did lose names I really liked, I'm still quite happy to have them home!

If you want to transfer to FV (or Zek) it's simple and painless and it's free. Basically you just type in /servertransfer on the character you want to move, check if the name you have is available (change if not) and *bam* you're all done. It's instant, pretty simple and I was very impressed. Check this out for more information on the moves to Zek and FV servers.

So, I should pick up more so on my playing in Everquest this week. I'm so excited I don't know which character to start on, as they have all been spread around for way too long!

Here's the full patch notes for today and we're still just a few days away from the progression server opening on the 15th! Things are lookin' good in Everquest.


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