Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 Days of Velious


Some very cool things to keep an eye out for this weekend! Bonus xp, events, sales and OTHMIR Illusion! Just thought I'd pass on some of the info, I'm enjoying my bonus XP and excited about the Gnomish races! ...Oh, and who doesn't want to be an Othmir?!

For EQ2:

February 18-22: President's Day Bonus XP Weekend!

On the first four days of Velious, enjoy bonus adventure, tradeskill and AA experience! This event runs from 10:00 am PST on February 18th until servers come down on Tuesday morning (currently scheduled for 3:00 am PST on February 22nd).

February 22: Othmir Day

Everyone who logs in on Launch Day, February 22nd, will receive an Othmir illusion potion. (Even those who aren't playing in Velious!) The potion has 50 charges, and is available one per character. Just be sure to log in each of your characters during the day to claim a potion, if you want the illusion for more than one character.

February 23-28: TBA

Information on this event/offer will be revealed each day!

March 1: Gnomish Aerodome Races

Get your first taste of flight! Players can queue up to take a gnomish aircraft through a torturous test-pilot course. Aerial race tracks are erected near the entrance to Butcherblock (the most hazardous course), Tenebrous Tangle (the longest course) and Lavastorm (the course that requires the most finesse). Find the gnome next the huge scoreboard, and talk to him to start the quest. Then just step on the teleport pad and you'll be warped to the starting line!
Participation earns prizes, and winners will receive a title as well as the ability to fly the craft around for a short time (aircraft is no-zone and expires after the event is over.) This event lasts for just one day, so don't miss out! 
All events/offers will run from 10:00 am PST on the day they begin until 10:00 am PST the following day, when the next event/offer begins.


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