Thursday, February 24, 2011

A [Not So] Clean Break- EQ2

Today free character transfers are available in the marketplace, in EQ2, they will *poof* after today, no stocking up for later. I just used one to transfer one of Dire's alts to the same server as his main, on live. These tokens only work for live servers, they do not have anything to do with EQ2X, which a lot of people were hoping that they would [myself included]. It would have been nice to copy my Inquisitor there but that is the key word, copy. The transfer tokens are something different than a character copy.

We ended up reactivating our live characters and are now playing there, since we got a bit tired of waiting around on EQ2X to stabilize. We can always copy them there, in the future, when things smooth out. Maybe. Dire is happy to play his SK again and it's nice having levels under my belt again with my Inquisitor, Nyomi. I missed Ny! Funny how we can miss pixels, isn't it?

I am currently waiting on Dire's account to finish up the transfer with the free token and a manual transfer of one character to his other account that has DoV. I'm hoping the SK will get transferred fairly soon. It wasn't such a smooth transition from EQ2X back to live, as I hoped. He also had issues with the game launching and patching.

Apparently the SOE launcher is buggy and has issues with EQ2. I was told to remove and reinstall it from this download. A message on EQ2Players would have been great! I check it often and don't recall seeing it. I was told by support that it is 'pure luck' that it [the launcher] worked on my computer still. Your company's software working is luck, you tell people this? I decided to just call back since she was a bit rude and got a really nice and helpful gentleman on the next call, I still needed a manual transfer at this point, he helped me get things set up and I was a happy camper.

We finally grouped up a bit last night and Dire was enjoying the shadowknight a lot, he missed playing it he said. He's sitting at 54 and I 78, it's so nice to be able to mentor down to his level. I haven't really had much of a chance to level my character in the zones I left behind when I took my break but I hope to be visiting Velious before long!

I've also been messing around in my new Everfrost Summer Home. At first I thought this home was a bit plain but it's merely a blank canvas waiting to be turned into a masterpiece! It's really been fun to decorate and has much more room for customizing things, more so than the Freeblood lair, which is beautiful but pretty fancy already. Once I get it all set up I'll show it off, I think it's coming along really great. Plenty of room to expand upwards in adding rooms. My only problem is the item limit is very low, only starting with 400. I'm already getting close to this, I may have to buy another expander [100 extra item limit].

I know everyone and their brother are off playing RIFT.. Or rather,*snicker* waiting in queues. Sorry, had to go there! If you're one of those people, I do hope you enjoy it when you do get in. It's never any fun to wait in a queue. Have fun wherever your adventures take you!



  1. What server are you folks running on? I was on FV, but it just got merged with Crushbone I think. I am approximately 90% of a level away from 85 in WoW, so I will be free to play other games again soon. Personal goals are so stifling!

  2. We're actually on CB :D

    oh wow awesome job on getting to 85!! I'm trying to get my first 90 in EQ2 still hehe. I hope to have Ny there soon.

    If you do happen to pop in we have a tank healer duo and are always up for mentoring or grouping with friends!

    Hope you get 85 soon and it would rock to see ya in EQ2 :D We plan on staying with this for quite awhile.




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