Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking On Norrath!

Shard of Love
This weekend brought me to level 80 and Dire level 60, in EverQuest 2. Since being back to our old duo, we've had a really great time playing. Most nights we duo an instance or dungeon and Dire is having a blast. He tanks I heal, it works out well. I still want to pinch myself when I think how he is playing again, and loving it, after being was so adamant about never playing again. See, sometimes second chances on that MMO, the one you brushed off, is well worth it!

I love the fact even though I am twenty levels above him, even if I hit the cap way before him, we can always group together. These days I am mentored a lot and some of the quests I've done already and some I have the chance at again, in either case it's much more fun to have someone to play with.

The Three Musketeers! Hrmm, I has SOGA models on for Dark Elf males...
Yesterday morning we ended up duoing the Shard of Love instance and we got it finished by the skin of our teeth. I was proud of us, the last boss is quite hard. We've also had the pleasure of grouping with one of our good friends who is playing again, though much lower than either of us. It was very cool to still be able to play with him, you just don't get that in every MMO on the market. It helps branch out and pull friends into the fray instead of waiting until they gain levels in-order to group with friends. I think it's great for the community and friendships. Nobody has to feel left in the dust.

I think that has been the biggest thing with this game, as for winning our hearts, it allows us to do so much together no matter where we are in the game. While some of the dungeons are rather long and complicated they have been fun. The instances are much shorter and enjoyable too. So far it's pretty much spank and tank and heal your heart out. No fires to run from no stupid hoops to jump through, causing us to not be able to duo these places. Instead we're a force to be reckoned with, or at least we get to feel as if we are, while we group. Watch out Norrath!

Another night, another instance. Ah, that's the life!
Being a tank and healer combo leaves a lot of room for friends to join up with us and get things done easily and we enjoy the classes we play too. We're always up for friends joining us. We still need to join a guild, it seems I am no longer in my CB guild. Most of them play on EQ2X anyhow, I think several moved on to RIFT. So, we're checking our options.

I plan on trying to hit 81 today, I've been slow going lately with mentoring a lot. I've gained several AA's though. After wanting to pull my hair out with the Order of The Rime faction quests, they seem to keep bugging out on me and I'm unable to complete them, I have moved into the TSO expansion, good-bye Kunark!

Today, and today only, the Gnomish Aether Racing are happening. It seems the rewards are rather nice too: a title and a flying mount reward. I am eager to begin these! That's about all worth mentioning, oh.. And Nyomi is now a Freeblood but she still has Guise of The Deceiver (An original EQ heirloom item, I have one there too... It's a must have for me) so she can still be a Dark Elf whenever she feels fit! Which happens to probably be half of the time, hehe. I just can't pick which race I like the best so I get to be both? Sort of.

Nyomi's new look :)
If you play on CB look us up. It's always more enjoyable to play with good peeps and have fun instead of soloing all the time! Have a great week peeps!


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