Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Launch Day- DoV (EQ2)

Silly graphics bug on launch day for the CE appearance /claim items, they caused a  Nekkid Sable :(
Well, since the Freeport server is being a royal pain in the arse I thought I'd add a few links here, good stuff. I didn't get to really play, while I was busy most of the day/evening, I still wasn't able to do much, between crashes and long zone times. Of course expansion day always likes to rear it's, sometimes, ugly head! However, (EQ2X) Freeport has had some existing problems for awhile now. Server stability has been mentioned as the top priority for EQ2 and the expansion was to hold some fixes, which is why it went live before server stability was focused on- It was to contribute to fixing stability.

Is it any better? Not so far. They are working on it though. There was even a queue put in, temporarily. Some players even reported being 8000 plus, which seems a bit extreme to me, unless it is extremely temporary as in a minimum of a few hours. I have faith the folks at SOE will get things working soon, however it's been a bit unstable quite awhile and I think it's time to open up another server to try to take some of the workload off of EQ2X (free transfers, please). Maybe the server is too heavy, maybe not, at any rate it would be nice to see another server up eventually. I, personally, think it is quite a heavy load. I'd like to be able to play, not just today, just in general. I'm almost considering firing up the live account.

I'm not trying to sound like a downer, I know they are working hard to resolve things, I'm just sharing my thoughts, thinking out loud. Once things get resolved I am sure things will be just peachy with EQ2X.

More launch info from EQ2wire. Lots of good info here, check it out if you haven't!
DoV mini FAQ from EQ2wire.
EQ2X zoning issues.
Rundown on the issues of the day.

And... more on EQ2X crashing and zoning issues:

'We going to bring Freeport back up with the login queue enabled so we can better evaluate the performance without overloading the server all at once.  We apologize for the issues you've experienced over the past couple of weeks and are working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible.'- Rothgar

'You're seeing a side-effect of a test we were running to figure out what's going on with the crazy load issues. We temporarily put a cap on the number of players that could be on the server at one time so we could analyze the behavior of a smaller load. That mechanism has been in place since the launch of EQ2X but we've kept the pop cap number so high that you've almost certainly never seen it.'- Smokejumper

On a better note, goodies ahead for The 12 days of Velious:

February 22: Othmir Day
Everyone who logs in on Launch Day, February 22nd, will receive an Othmir illusion potion. (Even those who aren't playing in Velious!) The potion has 50 charges, and is available one per character. Just be sure to log in each of your characters during the day to claim a potion, if you want the illusion for more than one character.

February 23: Guild XP Day
Build up your guild and your guild spirit with Double Guild XP, today only!

February 24: Free Transfer Day
One day only! Get a free character transfer token from the in-game Marketplace and choose your own server. Up to five moves allowed per account. Don't miss out on this one peeps!

February 25: Snow Days Discounts
Every day's a snow day in Velious, but today you'll find lots of cool prices on frosty-themed items in the Marketplace.

In the meantime I'm trying to decide if we stick with EQ2X through all of this or head back to the live servers. I'm not trying to jump the gun but this isn't looking too good with Dire being back after such a long break. After all, he wanted to start back on live to begin with. Decisions, decisions.

So, here's a cheer for those people working hard on getting things fixed, don't mind crabby ol' kaozz, she just wants to play her favorite MMO.



  1. Games out to work... By now they should have an idea of how to prepare for these things

  2. I know, it seems some of this could have been prevented. Ah well we'll get things sorted out.




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