Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Hope everyone is having a sweet day! I've been trying to get all those goodies in my MMO games before this holiday is over. There are some really great events around but I think I've enjoyed the EQ2 holiday event the most! Free Realms was a close second, except for a bit of a grind, I suppose the xp in it is a bonus!

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to obtain the gorgeous Pink Unicorn from the EQ2 event but I found out that farming the candies and love notes wasn't as bad as I first thought! All of the items can be farmed in the holiday instance- Nektropos Castle: Love's Errand. If you're still scouring regular mobs roaming outside in the world, don't waste your time! Head to this instance, it can be ran over and over- even after the quest has been completed. The drop rates are far better than any you will find elsewhere.

So, yes I farmed up 300 tokens and was granted my lovely pink steed! I am so excited, it's so pretty and it even has little hearts floating around it! I'm still working on some more tokens for a few more crafting projects I want to finish. So much I still need for the house, with the instance having a high drop rate it makes this task much easier.

I decided to create a small clip showing off my Pink Unicorn. Enjoy! If you recognize the song, it's the theme from 'Lie To Me'- Great show btw! Just a small little segment for those who haven't seen this pretty mount.

Free Realms had an update over the past several days, I haven't logged in for a few! There has been a new VIP program implemented, I'm not too clear on the whole deal, yet. There seems to be a bug where nobody is gaining status, it should be fixed within the next update.

There are also some really cute Bambi [free!] promotional pets! They are adorable! There are three: Bambi, Thumper and Flower. I took some footage of them, as well as some of the other Valentines Day goodies.

Last but not least, the February Member's Pack is in! A white teddy bear costume and 10k gold are in the pack. I was happy as I thought the suit very cute indeed. Free Realms Insider has more info on the update, pets and VIP program here. Check out the video starring: Turkleton!

And that's about it! May you all have a lovely Valentines Day, may it be with good friends or someone special! And... One more video- EQ2 has a cute one that is a must see!

<3 As you wish...


  1. Ze pink and ze love... it hurts usssss...

    Happy Valentine Kaozz!

  2. Happy Valentines day, Lono :)

  3. Grats on the pink unicorn! It is a very lovely steed :P

  4. Thank you! I love it hehe!




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