Monday, February 21, 2011


Tomorrow DoV releases, even though we are playing on our newest duo, I'm looking forward to the expansion and my pre-order goodies! More stuff for me to do when I do get there, right? I always loved the original Velious expansion so I am intrigued with this one, it even features ToFS which I always loved. Starting over has been fine thus far and the new server is much more populated, too populated really.

I have hopes that after the expansion is released efforts will be put into maintaining stability on the Freeport server. Smokejumper mentioned that this will be fixed, so it seems just a bit of waiting, no big deal. I only saw the servers down once this weekend but I read they were down a lot more. I suppose my timing was better than others.

I think Dire played more than I this weekend. I had errands to run so I didn't get a lot of time to spend playing. I did utilize some of the xp bonus so I can't complain. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, Dire ended up starting over with a bruiser, enjoying it more than the conjurer and so he worked on him over the weekend, making it into the mid twenties. Yay, Dire!

I didn't think he would be returning to the game with such a 'vengeance'. He is really enjoying the game and logging in without me which is nice to see that he is taking a shine to the game again. It's been quite awhile since he seemed to be having this much fun with any game. I'm very happy for him and I try to be really patient and help him along the way.

We managed to take our duo to Fallen Gate , yesterday. We had a nice time and the duo worked out well (bruiser, fury). We managed to work our way in some and had a nice time until we got slaughtered by an untimely respawn while I was out of mana. Then I think he had enough, so we headed out. Next,  the game started to freze up his computer. Nothing a fresh install couldn't fix. This time I downloaded the full game instead of the streaming client (which worked fine on my machine) and he hasn't had anymore problems again. So if you know anyone having this problem, the game freezing up upon log in- Maybe a fresh (full) install can remedy their issue.

Not too much new with us but we're having fun. I managed to grab the 'Romantic' title with Sable. I wasn't pushing for many of these but it's nice to have a few extra titles. I suppose I should have tried for more but I've been trying to do other things too. I did manage to snag the Moonlight Enchantments event, more goodies for the house!

Hope everyone, out there, is having fun with whatever it is you're playing!



  1. I duoed with a Fury/SK and it was a pretty good combo. The classes were hybrid enough to be able to do enough damage yet tank and heal sufficiently. I think we got to level 40 or so and the dungeons started getting pretty tough.

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