Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trying Something New

So, blogger is being as ass tonight. If you're one of the people having problems too this should help: If you want to temporarily fix it, go under settings and change to the "old editor". I checked the help forums and seems many people are having the same issue. The compose window just spins with a 'loading' timer.

Anyhow, if you look to the right there is a little messenger window I've added. Stop by and say hello while you visit. I might not reply right away- or at all.. It's just because I am busy, not that I don't want to say hello! I'm on (or rather my phone is) so I could be sleeping, eating, gaming or just ignoring those little noises the phone makes =p I'll get it eventually.

To use it, it's fairly simple. Type in your desired name and message then hit enter. That's all there is to it, pretty easy. I wanted something simple where readers didn't have to have an account just to drop a hello or ask a question. If it does get out of hand and abused I'll have to change it where it does require an account. Lets hope for the best! I know you're all an outstanding bunch, you read MY blog, you have to be! Tee hee!

My site isn't some huge deal so I'm hoping I don't have many problems with it. So, if you like, say hello. Or if you want to chat sometime you can always use this OR find me in game in WoW or EQ2, depending on the day or.... Add me to twitter or send me your messenger contact. I'm always up for making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends. Just click on the little window to the right and drop me a hello.

I'm sure Lono might use it to tell me 'GET ONLINE FOR DUNGEON RUNS BEFORE I RAGE ON PUGS!' So it might come in handy for things like that hehe.



  1. I don't rage on pugs anymore.. I have reached a zen state of seething hatred balanced by lack of sleep and also not doing instances for the past few days.. does wonder for me:)

  2. ;'/ <-- Tut typed that, he says hello while walking across the keyboard!

    You're probably one of the most polite people I know in Pugs, so it always gives me a chuckle to picture you raging =p

  3. Well hello Tut! How goes the world domination plan?

    As for being polite the outer dialog and inner one are two very different things. Also, being polite tends to net me quicker instances so it's more convenient as well as not making you look like a barbarian.

  4. He's still working on that. Project 'Dominate Desk' has been a success! He tore up a Christmas present in my bottom compartment- Learned to use the handle to pull it open... I don't know if I should be mad or amused.

    Aye you're very right, if only people realized this more often!




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