Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

I've been stopping to smell the flowers lately, or rather pick them. I took up herbing and mining with my Paladin and it seems I can't go five yards without picking an herb. Which can be a good thing, as I never need money from my main(s). Or it can sometimes make travel and questing take some time, I must have them all! The best thing about it is that it's really good money.

The only character I've been playing lately is the Paladin, who is 43 now. I'm just having a lot of fun with it, more than I thought I would. I originally made the character to goof off with until Cataclysm came out but now I am wanting to play it all the way up.

I even got Mr. Grubbs last night, pictured up top. He's so cute and fat. When I got him I exclaimed, to Dire, 'It's Mr. Grubbs! He's mine!', I don't think he shares my enthusiasm of pets but he tries hehe.

Speaking of pets, I also got the Tiny Shale Spider from Jadefang. I made a point to keep the daily from that area, it (the quest item) boosts you into his area. Then I camped in and out to check for it on and off for a few days. It's a really neat pet. I could have tamed Jadefang but maybe another time.

And moar pets! I finally got the elusive snowman pet in EQ2, Enchanted Snowman, from Santas Glugg! He's really cute and he slides around after me. My own little bit of Frostfell to last me year round. I've also gotten several other nice things from Santas Glugg, housing items and such. I make sure to log in daily for the gift. Tomorrow is the last day. Sad face.

I've been kind of slack in EQ2X the past few days. It's nice though, knowing I can log in whenever. I don't have a sub so it's not going anywhere, time isn't going to run out. I still enjoy it but I've just been trying to catch up the Paladin in WoW. I'm sure I'll pick back up on it more so soon.

I leave you with an awesome song:



  1. Hey congrat's on the pet. I've thought about doing some quests there, if only to pick up some Blacksmithing plans that you can snap up via quests.

    Mahnia hit 50 today, while in Eye of the Storm. She's already maxed out with Blacksmithing until she hits level 65. 500 gold was all she needed to level to 375. :) She's got a few epic items; lvl 43 flurry axe and lvl 45 Wall of the Dead, they were a little over 500 gold apiece.

    I'm glad your enjoying your Paladin. Although I've picked up dual spec at level 30 I still haven't chosen the other spec. I'm still tearing through things with my Protection Paladin. ;)

  2. Thanks Pouncie- Somehow I missed this comment for a few days!

    Gratz on 50!! It's such a fun class to level on. I've gone Holy for my offspec and I do have some gear for when I want to use it. Mostly tossing Dire some heals when he runs me through something but it's really overkill grouping with him in instances haha.

    Protection seems like so much fun, I just don't enjoy tanking in WoW really :( I guess maybe I'm lazy =p




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