Friday, January 14, 2011

Ready, Set... Everquest!

Visiting some old stomping grounds, BoT.
Last night I decided to poke back into Everquest. I could use a little time in Norrath. I've been pondering it for a few days so I just took the plunge, I seem to play every few months or so. After I got everything set up and logged into the game, it seemed  I was bugged out and certain things would not work... Am I doin this right? I only took my last break a few months ago! All I had to do was log out and back in and it worked fine. Whew!

That was the easy part. I'm still waiting on half of my characters to be able to transfer to Firiona Vie. The next problem was, do I play a character on another server until then? Nah, I want to play on my home server with the yummy 50% xp bonus! Then I couldn't decide which character to play there. I ended up going with the rogue. I like being sneaky and exploring anyhow. Not the greatest solo class but I play along with Dire a lot so it works well. Him and his beast of a Shadowknight!

Does this mean I am quitting WoW? Well no, but some time away might do me some good. I do feel bad for some of my friends but many have been playing a few other games or are just plain bored and not logging in. I have to play for me in the end. Plus my account isn't dead yet. Yes, I did cancel it for the next month. 

I've seen a few players returning to EQ or thinking about it when the progression server comes out. I won't be playing there, full time at least. It just wouldn't be the same. I am sure I will mess around there some, but I won't leave my server, plus it has awesome perks. I went to Mayong when it came out, that was probably my favorite progression server.

Anyhow if you're a bit rusty here's some links that will make things much easier for you! I remember going back years after and forgetting what was what. Not everything, but some of it ;) Some stuff you don't forget!

Some Helpful INFO!
Everquest: The Newbie Zone FAQ- Lots of good info!
Everquest official [Newbie Zone] Forums- Great place to check for info and ask questions.
Everquest Spells- Zam.. A bit of hand holding linking this ;)
Zam- [Allakhazam] The best database for EQ besides LUCY
Mapfiend- Got maps?!
Communicating with people across servers and SOE games!
An awesome tool to be able to talk to friends across servers and other SOE games.

Last but not least you can use the station launcher to chat with friends, remember EQIM? Well it pretty much works the same. Check it out here. Scroll down to Friends Panel.

Protip ;) There are no ? and ! for quests... H key is your friend! H is for HAIL! Alt+Q opens the quest log and Q is also the default setting for auto attack... And /Q quits. So just be careful with your Q button ;)

Oh and who could forget about... Hotzones!
- - The City of Guk
- - Solusek's Eye
- - The Crystal Caverns
- - Kaesora
- - The Ruins of Old Guk
- - The Howling Stones
- - The Crypt of Nadox
- - Ssraeshza Temple
- - Bastion of Thunder
- - Drunder, the Fortress of Zek
- - Vergalid Mines
- - Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary
- - Toskirakk
- - Kaesora Library.

Looking For Group?
I know some of you bloggers and players out there (as Mojeaux mentioned meeting up and playing together, which is a fantastic idea) are returning, some may only be interested in the progression server- BUT- I thought I'd extend the offer to invite you to come play with Dire and I on Firiona Vie. It has a 50% xp bonus and free transfers there (from all servers) will open up by February at the latest. I am sure I will play around on the progression server to an extent but my home is FV now and I just don't know if I can go back to those glory days! Anyhow if you decide to take me up on the offer add Heavenli to friends or just send me a hello from where you are playing! [t firiona.heavenli And if you've never played it, what a better time to give it a shot? Come play a REAL MMO! 

One last note, if you do play on FV don't let the language barrier scare you. Sending a tell with ;tell playername will cancel out the barrier. Everyone uses Elvish, that's pretty much universal and really you can max out a language in something like...10 or 15 minutes of spamming it in group chat (yes you can spam your poor merc if that's your only group member!). 

Feel free to  say hello or if your lost you can always shoot me some questions, I'm not up to date on everything but I can probably answer most questions for returning players. I like to help players fit back in and it helps the community while forming friendships and doesn't cause people to log out in frustration, thus never logging back in- be it help with info, chit-chatting or taking us up on our offer to come play with us! I can't help it, I just bubble with excitement at the thought of others coming to play EQ with us!



  1. I'm in the trial right now, but would love to join you, especially when the progression server comes out. Do you think you can offer up some details on basic actions I should know as a reference?

    For instance, /say "STUFF IN BRACKETS" I only found out after Pid of The Meat Shield told me on my blog.

  2. I'm really happy for you there. Even if I don't understand EQ at all, as long as your having fun the rest doesn't matter much. In the same vein, I've restarted Lotro.

  3. @Victor- That newbie zone faq has a lot of the basic questions covered. For starters I'd say stick to hotzones, bind in PoK or the guild lobby and grab a merc for when you can;'t find a group.

    It's a lot to take in starting out but it's really a rewarding game once you get the hang of it. What class do you plan on playing?

    you can't right click to con mobs but the c key will con them. H for hailing to trigger quest mob dialogue. Once you get to the bazaar /baz opens the window to engage in the search. Merchant Tekrama sells trader satchels to sell items in. To start selling in the baz you stand in the 'stalls' and type /trader.

    Just the basic info I can think off the top of my head! If you have any others you can't find answers to feel free to ask!

    @ Lono- Aw, maybe I'll pop in LoTRO and say hi sometime. We miss playing you and Troll!

  4. hi again!

    @Kaozz I was hoping to play Beastlord for the non-progression server (in other words, when playing on the server you're on), and Magician for the progression one, though I'm waiting to see what features the Progression server will have before making a final decision. :)

  5. Hey Victor!

    Both are very fun classes! The mage will be an excellent class for the progression server too. They are quite strong in that 'time period'.

    I have one of each (83 Mage, 76 Bst) and they solo very well, the mage is probably one of, if not, the best solo class in the game.

    Currently I am playing my Rogue and it's probably the WORST solo class in the game lol. Mercs help out a bit when I have to though ;)

    Not sure what I'd make for the progression server. Still thinking it over.

  6. Heyo. Just managed to read and comment on this now, even if I have this one page up perpetually. :)

    I'll go and finish the Escape to Norrath line before making a decision as to whether or not to sub. Right now, it's pretty likely that I'll buy the Thule release so I can get housing (I LOVE HOUSING!) at later levels.

    That said, What is the Drakkin Race, and can they be Beastlords?

  7. Hey!
    Yeah I got HoT recently, the housing is neat. I wouldn't say it's as good as EQ2 but it's pretty sweet. I would put it somewhere between LoTRO and EQ2.

    The Drakkin can't be beastlords :( Only Troll, Barbarian, Ogre and VaShir. The Drakkin are supposedly a human/dragon 'hybrid' race. They are the newest addition to Norrath and they look a bit different than the Lulcin models because they are much newer.

    The lore for them is 'The Drakkin are an artifical race created by six breakaway dragons of the Nest. The breakaway dragons, calling themselves the Circle of the Crystalwing, kidnapped humans and infused them with draconic power. The six dragons, now found in Crescent, created six unique types of Drakkin.'

    The game is very solid and rewarding but it also requires more time than most typical MMO games, it's not really on rails and it can be confusing because of this. I say, get a real good feel for it with the trial to see how much you like it. There won't be as many quests while leveling like the trial though. More so heading to hotzones and grinding levels. Which will go very fast 1-60. It slows down a bit after that. More so after 70 but it's not horrible. And don't forget to work on Alternate Advancement after 51, they really impact the character you play, the more the better!

    Not to scare you away but I thought I'd give you some insight before you subbed so you know exactly what to expect! It's a great game though :)

  8. Thanks again for the input.

    I keep gravitating towards making a Shadowknight, as I did in EQ2, but I keep hearing that their survivability isn't that great compared to a beastlord or magician. LOL.

  9. If you want to make a SK I say go for it. It's a very fun and durable class with lots of survival. It is a tank class but they still solo well. With mercs this is really easy compared to how it use to be. And once you have enough AA points you don't even have to use a merc with all the healing and life tapping procs they have access to.

    My husband, Dire, plays one as his main and most of the time he is out soloing w/o a merc. He has around 1100 aa points and works 7days a week 10 hours a day. He got them rather quickly and still enjoys the class. Don't let AA points stop you as you can gain them with some effort.

    He puts my bst to shame but she is only 76 while he is 85 with far more AA.

    Beastlords got a bit of a buff with this expansion but I don't think it is seen until the higher levels, for the most part. They are quite fun, I am going to pick her back up once I can transfer her to FV

    If you want the ultimate solo class Mage is the way to go! But play what is the most fun for you. Look at me, I'm playing a Rogue... I am aiming for the day when I have enough AA points and levels- When she really will shine!

    I'm not trying to candy coat the game but it's really not hard to solo anymore, not easymode but easy enough with the right content, if your having trouble then try somewhere else.

    Now on the progression server I'd go Mage all the way. Or Cleric... Never LFG! It's going to be a long hard road there. People remember the good memories but it really isn't all roses. Long corpse runs, no rezzes sometimes, No way to sell anything besides /ooc in the ECT, running slow as hell... Mobs owing you an everyday thing. Not to be a wet blanker but sometimes those days scare me!

    I don't know if my poor heart could take the stress again! I'm sure there will be good times to be had though.

  10. Thanks Kaozz.

    Methinks I'll join you on your non-progression server as a Shadowknight then instead of a Beastlord. :)

    First things first though. Gotta finish that blasted tutorial zone! LOL. :D

  11. Sweet! Add me to friends when you do :)

    The tutorial goes pretty fast once you get going. Then you should be out of there around 10-12.

    I'll try to hook you up with some potions and a few things to start you off once I catch up to you in game. I have a few sk things in the bank I think.




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