Monday, January 17, 2011

The (Not So) Glorious Return- Everquest

My spiffy new mount!
This weekend my little kitty boy, Tut, got neutered and declawed. The poor little guy was so loopy from his meds when he got home. He was in a bit of pain over the weekend. He was almost too big to get declawed but he's been digging his claws into legs, feet, furniture and beating up our other (much older) cat, it had to be done. Besides the fact that he clawed up some carpet around the front door. Bad Tut! He's feeling much better today, already trying to play again but I'm trying to keep a close eye on him as he has started bleeding again (Sunday night... Scrubbing the carpet after trying to get him to lay still to get it to stop!) by thinking he is feeling better already and jumping around again. He's taken up a lot of my time this weekend but he's worth it, I adore him.

Besides playing nursemaid to Tut, I managed to get some playtime into Everquest. I mostly worked on alternate advancement points and got around 25 or so. I stuck to zones I knew I could handle solo, when I wasn't playing with Dire. I haven't had a chance to group as I only played in spurts.

Dire was pretty happy to be back and see some old friends. I don't know if it is still as much fun for him. We did get a few xp sessions in and on the last one, after getting supplies running out to the 75 hotzone buffing up, pulling, then making one mistake and dying... He didn't feel up to doing it all over again. He logged out and went to do something else outside the game. I did point out he did have over six mobs without a merc, which he can handle fine, but sometimes one mistake can get you killed. It's a risky game especially when you are 'swarming'.

Is the risk worth it? Well, the whole game is pretty risky. There is always the chance to die and get sent back to your bind spot. With mercs it isn't as harsh, rez yourself buff, back up and run back. No big deal. I suppose even with all the port stones and easy methods of travel, it's still a bit of a time sink to do all of this. It's the nature of the beast though. I died several times and just went on with playing. I went back in expecting this. Will he log back in tonight? At this point I'm not too sure.

So the return wasn't as glorious as I had hoped it would be. But I did enjoy what time I spent in the game, thus far. For now, I am enjoying myself. It will probably get lonely without Dire though, if he decides not to play. Maybe another guide will come around and hand out more cookies to make me feel better- I actually saw one Saturday and had a nice little chat with him, it was refreshing. He was passing out snacks to players.

Hand over the cookies, Sir!
I might also pop into LoTRO on the side too, maybe. Have a great week everyone!



  1. I remember getting my two cats fixed; bringing them home from the vet and setting them free from the cage, only to watch them stumble their way around the living room. As bad as I felt for my little kitties, I could not stop laughing, it had to be the funniest thing I had seen them do. I loved those cats.

  2. Hehe, yeah he was stumbling around as if he was drunk. He had an extra shot of painkiller so he was pretty out of it for hours. I don't think he quite knew what was going on. It was cute in a funny way, I did feel bad for him though because he kept trying to talk around on his elbows!

  3. You have SUCH A WONDERFUL Gaming blog!

  4. Is that a lion made out of grass?

  5. Glad you are having some fun back in this game. For me, the lack of soloability of this game and the need for 3 billion AA's really makes it difficult for me to consider. I miss the community there though, the people are typically awesome. I often dream of a WoW or other newer MMO server that has the EQ1 community.

  6. @ Victor- Yep it's a plant lion hehe. It is the /claim item, one of them, you get for buying HoT. The nice thing is you get 999 claims for your characters, more than enough for all you want to make!

    @ Anon- Why ty... hehe!

    @ Pid- Soloing isn't really the nightmare it once was. I solo most of the time or duo. Is it as good as a group? In a group oriented game it's not suppose to be. But can you solo and still enjoy the game while advancing at a decent rate? Absolutely.

    It's not easy mode for sure but it's not the same game we all remember from years ago. There are classes which surpass the others with solo, not really needing a merc unless it's just wanted. Mage, SK, BST... just to name a few.

    You also have to consider what content you're going after. You're not always going to be able to solo the current content, as gear and aa points are needed but... That's what groups are for. You can still do quite a lot.

    Needing 3000 AA points... Well you don't have to have that many to still enjoy the game. You stick with a class and work on it, you WILL catch up. The AA points were given a boost in XP awhile back so you gain them faster than ever. They are not hard to come by. It just takes focus.

    With the instant gratification games out on the market today, flooding us with easy mode game play, I suppose EQ looks scarier and harder than it actually is.

    But yeah I know exactly what you mean ;) Hows you been? Miss seeing ya in game, will have to pop in to say hi, this week!




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