Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something To Sink My Teeth Into?

Looking for some inspiration!
I'd like to start today's post on a better foot, a more upbeat note, with a more optimistic outlook. In my post pondering of WoW's end game I know I may have sounded a bit cynical. I guess lately I just want something to sink my teeth into! I don't want to feel like I am being graded on my performance, while I love to do my best with any character I play- I do play to have fun. If I'm not having fun then I need to step back and do something else.

Tipa over at West Karana got me thinking, with her MMO Challenge, Revisited. When was the last time I played only one game for a year straight? Well not since I started my blog, that's for sure. I played Everquest and only Everquest for five years straight. I think I played WoW much the same for a year or two before Burning Crusade came out. Then I started to dabble around more. Not saying I didn't try different games out while playing WoW. However nothing has had me in it's grip for very long since Everquest and the early days of WoW. What is that? Newness? The never ending carrot dangled before me? The community?

I think it was a combination of having many things to do, groups with some raiding sprinkled in and a solid community within my server to pull from, to get things done. Making friends and playing with them for years to come.

I do enjoy playing different MMO games and I don't plan on not trying any new games out this year, I'm actually quite excited about a few of them. But I'd like to find one to focus on mainly, sure delve into a few others but I want that main game to stick to.

So, I'd like to take up Tipa on her challenge. I may not be able to stick with it, in the end but I'd really like to give it a shot! I just have to decide what game I want to stick to. Everquest? So much content and a  new expansion I've not even set foot into. Stick to WoW and hope things even out? Perhaps a new game on the horizon? I also have to consider Dire and what he will play along with me. I don't have to but I want to, I enjoy having him with me on my adventures. It makes a game so much better to have someone to play with and someone good, at that!

I guess I'll be thinking on it for a bit, before I make that decision. What game can you see yourself playing for a year straight?



  1. The only game on the horizon which has the potential to have me playing as my main game is swtor. I have such high hopes for the game and am hoping it brings something a bit different to the mmo table.

  2. I want to get more excited about TOR but I suppose the closer it gets I will be. It looks to have substance but I am a fantasy girl... and I don't know how it will fare with my tastes being sci-fi like.

    I do think it looks really good so far and at times I get excited about it, I just try to keep myself in check as it still seems to be a ways off!

  3. Games are a hobby for me, something I turn to for enjoyment whenever I have free time. That said, I believe in following where your fun takes you, which is why the challenge would go against this goal.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love a game that I can stick with for a year, but I don't want to force myself to do that. If I do stick with a game for that long, it would mean a lot more if I'd let my sense of enjoyment decide that for me, not a conscious decision :)

  4. Well we each have our own ideas of fun! Nobody has to stick with anything that they don't think is fun, I certainly don't. However I enjoy focusing on one game for awhile. I will have to wait until I see a few other releases before I can decide if I can stick with a new one or a good older game.

    I play MMO games as a hobby as well, none of it is a life altering decision =p Its all about what is fun to me and I consider sticking to one game fun, at this point in time ;)

    Some may love the idea while others may cringe over the idea, but playing how we each enjoy- that's what makes us all diverse!

  5. I think after blogging a good while goals or strageties are as good as gaming. Theres all dfferent angles for people.

  6. "I don't want to feel like I am being graded on my performance, while I love to do my best with any character I play- I do play to have fun."

    I give this statement an A-.




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