Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five OTHER Things To Do!

Try something new, or perhaps old?
I lied, I do miss my WoW, sometimes. I miss playing with my friends. I don't miss Cataclysm and the sorry excuses called heroics [or as I now like to call them: Mini Raids]. However, I'm not going to let Blizzard walk all over my idea of fun and try to serve me up with a hot steaming pile of... Well you get the point.

It's the same with many games. I see it in Everquest. 'HoT is a joke', a hot forum topic. Oh it's too easy? When will people get it that there are now different levels of play in most of today's games, more options for everyone to enjoy? RAIDING. Ever hear of it? This is where you get the challenge. Otherwise you will kill off a certain player base with stagnation and in some cases hurt the population. Can your game survive that?

The last Everquest expansion hit the community pretty hard. A lot of people stuck to older content and stayed far, far away from Underfoot because it was simply too hardcore to enjoy casually and I'm sure some may have quit. It hurt the community. This time around the expansion is more laid back and people are happy, well most of them. I hear the zones are flourishing, population wise, and it's easier to find groups.

You would think MMO games [developers] would learn from example but it always seems they have things under control, or so they think. Some do, look at Everquest. The game has toned things down where it's actually quite enjoyable with any class you play. I applaud SOE for trying to keep up and keep players happy, not causing us to wait and wait and wait some more for groups. Grab a merc and go solo while you LFG! It's taken a long time to get to where we are today though.

What do you do when you're not enjoying things? Some people DO keep playing. I thought I'd offer some advice.

Go Single [Player]
This post was more for some ideas for those of you who are, much like me, bored. Just some other things to ponder. Lono and I were talking earlier and he advised me to try some RPG games. I'm a MMO girl though, a fish out of water away from a MMO too long, I get bored with RPG games quickly. I will when Fable 3 comes to PC!!

If you enjoy them take a look at Lono's post, some good ideas. One day I'm going to kidnap Lono and make him play Everquest with me. Yes, handcuffs and all! [... Get your mind out of the gutter]

Try Something New
So, if you're more or so looking for something to keep you busy in an online world there are many great MMO games out there and ahead of us this year. Try something new. Something you've never tried. Heck, come play Everquest with me if you're that bored.

Get [Your Hands] Dirty
Play in a SANDBOX! Think out of the box, so to speak. Try a crazy sandbox game where nobody is there to hold your hand. I'm actually trying a sandbox game this week, more on it [later] if I get past the initial first few days.

[Take A Deep Breath]
Take a breather. Step away from the computer there you MMO junkie! Oh, that would be me actually. Sometimes I actually play for maybe one hour a day [tops] or just take a few days or weeks off to give myself some time to cool off.

Be Social
Stay in touch with friends. E-mail, messenger and so on. Keep in touch with those friends even if you're not playing. It always makes me feel less guilty about bailing out on my buds. And.. I don't miss them as much because we still keep in touch.

Have fun and hang in there! Feel free to add some ideas!

-kaozz MMO,


  1. Cataclysm = CASUALS GO HOME!

    Mkay I guess I will.

  2. Haha, mini-raids. That's what my husband and others I know have taken to calling heroics too.

    I'm currently playing The Witcher, an RPG I picked up from Steam for 5 bucks during a sale. I had a mind to polish off some single-player games this week anyway, and someone I know mentioned many similarities between The Witcher and Dragon Age, so I decided to tackle it next.

  3. Hehe.

    I saw The witcher the other day and thought about picking it up. I want to play a RPG sort of but I REALLY want Fable 3... Still waiting!!

  4. Handcuffs heh... my interest is piqued. :)

    I've given serious thoughts about EQ earlier this week and no matter how hard I try the UI and graphics kill any interest I have. Guess that makes me shallow...

    I don't want to try a game going in relunctantly and then hate it.

  5. Don't resist the handcuffs... Err EQ.

    Seriously though, I love the graphics but I'm just old school. I guess I remember how the first characters were years ago. I think they are still pretty good compared to a lot of MMO games. Those Dark elves... They still look pretty good ;)I'd be sad if they changed any character models.

    The UI is different but you don't need a flashy one. The way the abilities and spells work it's fine, imo. You can only have a certain amount of spells out and that's just part of the game. For melee it's pretty easy and there are mods to change the look of the UI. DAoC now that's one old lookin' UI haha!

    Try the trial one day!




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