Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Little Corner of Norrath

I was wondering why traffic was so heavy here today, I seem to have been linked on WoW Insider- woo! No WoW talk today though. Those of you popping in, stay awhile and have a look around!

Today I wanted to show off some of my Everquest housing. It's the first housing I've had in an MMO that has an outside area. Sure, EQ2 has small outdoor areas and patios but EQ actually has yards to decorate around the house. I think that this is probably the most entertaining part of the decorating. I know LoTRO housing includes yards as well but I never got far enough in the game to purchase housing.

I ended up buying a plot below Dire's house. Then I decided to buy two plots (you can buy two plots per character) below Dire's house I didn't want anyone moving that close to me. I ended up making an extended front yard.

Once I move the rest of my characters to this server I'll probably plant down houses across the 'street' as this area is still very much so 'undeveloped', or rather a blank slate full of housing plots. I think Dire will probably stick with one house, he's not so big into the whole housing deal. He is proud of his house, which I decorated for him when HoT first released. He was showing it off to me the other night, point out things 'I know, honey.. I put that there...' It's cute that he appreciates how I decorated it. I do need to log in and stick the trees INTO the ground in his plot, as you can see below (third pic down) they are not planted as they should be. I don't know why that happened.

I would like to see more furniture options in the housing but I can't complain as I never thought Everquest would add housing this far down the road. I'm very happy to have this addition to the game. It's been fun decorating and I hope to do a few more houses with other characters. Anyhow, onto the pictures, Enjoy!



  1. So where is the housing exactly? Is it an instanced area in a city? Is it just in a the world like SW:Galaxies was? I am intrigued!

  2. Hey Pid!

    It's actually an instance off of the guild lobby. There are several neighborhood instances with hrmm about 72 lots.

    It's not quite like SWG and all of the neighborhoods look the same. At first I didn't like that idea but I notice they start to look unique once the lots fill out and people start to 'develop' the neighborhood.

    It's really fun setting up the yards. That's been the best part, adding in trees and such. I hope they implement more to it as time goes by, it's a great addition!

  3. that is pretty cool. As cool as housing is in EQ2, it stinks that you can't see any of it unless you enter the particular person's house.

  4. Yeah I always hated that. It's worse with my freeblood because I click on a tombstone... I can't at least pretend I'm zoning into a house!

    I like yards, they add depth to the housing aspect. My brother showed me his SWG housing, years ago, and it was pretty sweet. Probably som- nah I have to say it's probably the best I've seen in any game.

  5. Do you have to kill the gnomes coming into the garden?? Inquisitive minds want to know!

    Also, this blog needs more Tut!

    PS: real tired, will think of something sensible to say tomorow

  6. In the first pic there are lawn gnomes by the front door! Do those count?? ;)

    I know, Tut has been recovering and VERY lazy since he went to the vet last weekend. He's doing better and has actually been much calmer this week.

  7. Hey K,
    I created a lowbie Enchanter (Mojeaux, natch!) on the FV server. I think he's about level 11 or so. If you see me online, send me a tell, and I'll do the same :-)

  8. Awesome! I'll look for you tonight if you're going to be on! I'll check out the bank for some chanter items too. I recently had to delete a trader and need to get rid of stuff in the bank hehe.

  9. Cool! I didn't make it on last night, but plan on being so this afternoon (Saturday) and tonight.

  10. I'll look for you when I hop on today/this evening :D




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