Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing In The Sandbox

Relaxing after a tough day of being a newb!
I decided to venture into something different recently. I decided to finally check out Second Life. I know what you're thinking. What are you doing, what's wrong with you!? While I don't think it's something I can play all the time it's relaxing for a change of pace. My biggest interest is playing around with a sandbox MMO. Trying my hand at designing some 'clothing' and other stuff. I'm very big into designing things in MMO games like housing so why not give this a try?

The game is old. It runs worse than DAoC or Everquest. Most items have to load so it can take awhile even on a fantastic internet connection and a decent computer. Once you get past that it's not that bad. The controls are clunky but you sort of get use to it.

What I like, so far, is that you can change around so much. You can change anything on your character with skins, make some fantastic places to go and not worry about getting levels while you're at it. There's always the potential of making a business, if you're good.

There is no hand holding. I read a lot on how to do things. I've learned a lot, even ran into some problems (character looking like a whisp) and managed to fix them. It takes some time but it's very interesting, the amount of freedom you have.

I'm not really in it for the social thing. I mean if I make some friends, cool, but it's not why I'm there. I've only spoken to one person who asked for help, being a newbie. I actually managed to help them, yay me I read up a lot on a game before I dive into it, especially if there is much to learn. It's the whole sandbox thing that just really intrigues me. Some people really love the whole social thing. I watched my mom try the game out, years ago, and she struggled with a few things but overall enjoyed playing with with her friends. It was short lived which disappointed me.

Everything I have is free items. There is a lot you can get free but some of the items you buy are really awesome. Don't poke too much fun of my pink pigtails, I thought they were kind of cute! You can be anything you want in this game, avatar wise, note the picture below my look is different. You can try designing, look for freebies or you can purchase lovely skins, hair and so on. The game is free with a subscription option. It's a little over nine dollars, I think. You get an allowance, in game, as well as a house and access to adult only content.

Trying out items in the sandbox area, one of many.
Adult only? Technically characters in SL can do some very naughty things. Just use your imagination for a moment.... Yep, they can do that too ;)  I think it's a bit creepy  to even go there with a game but... that's me. I sort of think it's funny at the same time.

SL is something that will give me some freedom away from the grind. I can't play it all the time because it's just not something I could play as a main MMO game but it's interesting to keep up with on the side. So as I progress with learning and taking on more, I look forward to sharing thoughts on this game.

One last thing. I had so much trouble trying to figure out WHY my character looked like a puff of smoke. IF that happens you can check this list but what helped me was loading up a new model with everything different, one of the defaults. Worked like a charm!



  1. Have you ever heard of Entropia? I THINK it's along the same lines as SL but it takes place on a planet named Calypso and it's sort of sci-fi based and requires actual $$ (not as much as you'd think) to buy things for yourself.

  2. I've heard of it but I was wondering if it was any good. I think I was going to try it awhile back but just never got around to it, I may check it out again!




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