Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Be A Troll, Mon!

I've been working on my Druid and Hunter, both making way to 85. I suppose I could work on one and then the other but it's more fun hopping back and forth, for now. One may take the lead eventually. I suppose whatever I feel in the mood for, that day, is what I log in.

My Druid is now a Troll! I love it, mon. The flight form is still the Tauren graphic so I hope to see the new (bat) flight form implemented before long. I managed to buy her epic flying which was easy to save up for with the Cataclysm quest rewards, drops and things I've gathered. Herbs and skins sell oh so well! I'm making a lot of gold each day off all of this. I am sure it will lighten up as the expansion ages but for now it's awesome making all this money!

The fishy wanted some chicken wings...
It's been ages since I was balance so it was a little hard getting use to shifting in and out of forms, at first. I'm dual spec balance/resto currently. Her damage surpasses the Hunter by leagues, it's sad. My normal hits at 80 (she's 82 now)  were what my Hunter crit for at 82. The Hunter doesn't seem to be scaling all that well still. But I still enjoy the class and it's nice having two mains to bounce back and forth between.

I'm enjoying the Cataclysm quests, so much in fact that I put my DK on hold. I just didn't feel up to redoing BC and WoTLK so soon! There are lots of fun quests and many new things to do and see. 

Our little guild ,Walk The Plank, hit level 2 last night and while it's slow going it's exciting to hit levels. I do wish it was easier for smaller guilds to progress. I can see this being a problem, Lono hit the nail on the head in his last post. It will take some time but I hope to see our guild grow and progress.


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